8 Mar 2008

Helena is recording her second solo album (III): castañuelas in Jerez

I landed in Madrid and then I flew to Jerez
to the Flamenco Festival!

Belén Cabanes - Castañuelas

There I got to try castaniolas ("castañuelas")
and the teacher Belen Cabanes was wonderful!

Belén Cabanes (flamenco teacher)

Helena Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)

Hej Helena!! So you've been in my hometown Jerez at the flamenco festival, amazing!!, its not usual to find someone who knows where jerez is!!..... i'm not much into flamenco, maybe because i'm fed up of it, its everywhere here, but I hope you had a great time here.

I can't feel my feet right now, I've been dancing flamenco the whole day. I've just arrived from our litle famous FERIA, if you like flamenco i'm sure you will love our feria. I'm sorry for my bad English but I'm a bit drunk I wont deny it, I has been a great surpise to see that Swedes now that Jerez exists!!, well we do have great wine and nice horses but we do not usually see foreign people talking about our small city as they do all go to visit Sevilla or Cádiz instead of coming here.

I hope to see you sometime in the future dancing and joining all of us in any of our special weeks (Feria del caballo).
Take care .

Pilar from Jerez, Spain (May 4th, 2008)

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