3 Feb 2008

Sandy Mouche's rehearsals and recordings for a new album (IX): how to arrange a song

The 179bpm song has been modified. It now has the speed of 150bpm.

Me, Martinique had a day off and after a careful evaluation of the song that we recorded day 6 the following changes have been made:
  • 1: New bass line (more discoish)
  • 2: New chord progression on the verse (gives it more depth, the first version was too childish. Per is still evaluating this :-)
  • 3: New intro (positive two-line guitar action)
  • 4: New lyrics on the chorus (so that you can remember it)
The next thing on our schedule is a rehearsal, to give us some new ideas on how to arrange the coming songs.

Talk to you soon...

PS: Pagani Zonda F: Probably the most perfect car in the world and one of my favourite super cars. It can definitely handle 179km/h. Experiense it.

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