7 Feb 2008

Helena is recording her second solo album (I): drums and a cheese car

The first AGM session was three days at the beginning of February!

Let me introduce the hard working producer, technician and musician Christoffer Lundquist, and his car! This man does the work of three people, at least, and his ears never fail to focus. Just a little nap now and then and he is like new again! I call him “Skalman”, it is a turtle in the Swedish cartoon “Bamse”. He has an eating- and sleeping-alarm clock and when it rings you know what happens. And Christoffer is like Skalman who can pull anything you might need out of his shell. Christoffer he knows all the buttons in the studio, he knows where all the cables go, and he always makes things beautiful, even the not so beautiful songs become white pigeons in his hands.

Here he is recording his car for one of the up tempo songs… We needed an “ost-bil”, a cheese car so to speak. Oh you don´t know what it means? No I didn´t either, until Erik Hjärpe, the dancing drum guru taught us about it. It is when you play music really loud in your car, and that is what Christoffer and I did. It became really fine, even though it has nothing to do with the song itself, but as long as it´s fun! :o)

And here he is, Erik aka Voz Vibrante! He made drum programming for about 7 songs. Some songs he really liked and some he didn´t. But he made drums for them all anyway! I think he mostly likes the groovy songs. I have never seen anyone working in such an intensive manner. I had to force him to drink and eat sometimes but then he ate in the same intensive way :o) I have never met anyone who eats faster than I do but Erik is the king!!! And you can also see that I was most relaxed, listening, having a cup of tea in the studio sofa-

No actually I was working my ears off too! I had my own little workstation down in the kitchen where I made a demo of a brand new song! And the two gentlemen liked it, so it was recorded the day after.

Or the drums were.

After these three days Erik and I were totally blank in our heads but Christoffer kept working the next morning with his other recordings- some kind of drug must be the secret… or maybe it is just the love for music?

Helena Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)


I am sorry that you might have been starving to death by waiting for Helena to blog. I wasn't pulling your leg! She also said that the recording continues in April, and then she will start blogging for real. Here is her Swedish explanation:

"Jag ska blogga så fort som möjligt, men det är det att jag håller på och skriver fortfarande som tusan och grejar men snart så dyker det upp en liten blog-grej!

And the English version:
"I wil blog as fast as possible, but I am still writing as god and stuff but it will soon show a little blog-thing up !

cheers! Billy*.

Updated LJdM (May 2008): Helena finally blogged from her own website.

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Alberto Fuente ("Lantartida") said...

It is tea time here in Madrid and I would like to share some biscuits, scones or brownies with Chris, Erik, Martin and you, Helena. By the way: I wonder if there is anyone else that is playing with Helena in the recordings. Tell me if they are going to have tea or biscuits. :D