3 Feb 2008

HJ's 2008 Winter (III): Sirius Radio - Nordic Rox (2/03/2008)

Sirius Radio

Hour 1
1. Adam Tensta, "My Cool"
2. Lykke Li, "Dance Dance Dance"
3. Son Of A Plumber, "Something In The System"
4. Sophia Somajo, "The Proposition"
5. Christian Kjellvander, "Two Souls"
6. Son Of A Plumber, "Shopping With Mother"
7. Monttmardie, "New York"
8. Euroboys, "Dirty Hole"
9. The Cardigans, "Rise And Shine"
10. Lamont, "No Regrets"
11. Elin Ruth Sigvardsson, "Antidote"
12. Per Gessle, "Pratar Med Min Musli"
13. Streets of Mars, "Taste"
14. Baboon Show, "It Can Only Get Better"
15. Jens Lekman, "Into Eternity"

Hour 2
15. Hoffmaestro, "Crimson Sky"
16. Roxette, "Listen To Your Heart"
17. Street Fighting Man, "Raise It"
18. Katie Goes To Hollywood, "Somebody I Never Knew"
19. Roxette, "A Thing About You"
20. Shout Out Louds, "Normandie"
21. Promise And The Monster, "Night Out"
22. The Hives, "Hey Little World"
23. ABBA, "Dum Dum Diddle"
24. Mando Diao, "Mexican Hardcore"
25. Lisa Miskovsky, "Sweet Misery"
26. Molotov Jive, "The Luck You Got"
27. Per Gessle, "Stupid"
28. The Perishers, "Get Well Soon"
29. Like Honey, "Airport"
30. Helena Josefsson, "Sleepyhead"

Hour 3
31. Helena Josefsson, "Waterlily Love"
32. Caesars, 'No Tomorrow"
33. Film On Four, "Romanze"
34. Elmo, "Unbreakable"
35. The Hives, "Try It Again"
36. The Kid, "Portion Control"
37. Jonas Game, "New City Love"
38. Helena Josefsson, "Meadow"
39. Hello Saferide, "Highschool Stalker"
40. Konie, "My Life Is Shit But I Am Funky"

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