3 Feb 2008

MOUCHETUBE - Feb.08 (I): HJ's top 3

  • Helena Josefsson - Never never (Live on Bingolotto)

"The fantastic Helena Josefsson performs "Never Never (My Dynamo), the second single off her solo debut "Dynamo", on the Swedish TV show "Bingolotto", on April 9th, 2007."

"It is not easy for many of us to listen to Helena live. This is a great version of the song, with a big band, including Sandy Mouche's drummer, Per Blomgren (drums)."

  • Helena Josefsson - Where does the unused love go (VB)

"Helena Josefsson (from Sandy Mouche and Son of a Plumber). Kanal Lokal - Skåne direkt - Wednesday 23rd January 2008. Watch Helena dancing. No more words are needed."

"I'm not sure why she went with the remix instead of the album cut, but wow, that's some great dancing"

  • Helena Josefsson - By your side

"It is the only official video from Dynamo. We can't understand why he didn't trust her ..."
Mario (aka Sleepyhead) - LJdM

"I didn't like the song at first. I felt it needed more guitar, or something. Then I gave it a second listen, and it just clicked. It's now in permanent rotation in my video playlist. Can't wait for the full album to come out! And Helena looks so much like my friend Ashley in this video, it's eerie :p"

"I'm loving the outfit Helena!!! Cool song too..."

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I love these videos. Thank you!