11 Jan 2008

Helena Josefsson, backing singer at Malmö's studios (IX): District 1269, a band from Malmö

On July 1st 2006, District 1269 (Yonaz Grauholtz + Chris Jersey + Nick Raven, then), a band from Malmö, released their first single, "Summertown", that includes two songs: "Summertown" (featuring Helena Josefsson) and "As Happy as Me". The songs were recorded at Wonderland Studio, Malmö, with the producer Krister Larsson (Fast Future Records) in two very intense moths (April-May 2006). There were many differences between the company and the band, so after some recordings in the same studio in Autumn 2006 and January 2007, they broke their contract before releasing the song that was supposed to be the second single, "It's too late".

2007 - District 1269

Since then, District 1269 has became a indie rock band that tries to record their first full album. The actual members are 5 boys from Malmö. They have updated their official website and you can listen to their songs in thier myspace:

District 1269
  • Yonaz Grauhotz - lead vocals, guitar, songwriting
  • Chris Jersey - lead vocals, keyboards
  • Ryuu Lord - guitar, backing vocals
  • Jin Carnage - drums, backing vocals (born in Lisbon, Portugal)
  • Eddie Rioz - bass, backing vocals

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