8 Jan 2008

Helena is writing songs for her second solo album (III): winter-bathing

Waiting for spring to come!

When all the fun of Christmas and new year is gone, I can´t wait for spring to appear.

If I bring in a lot of light colours like pink, yellow and light green, it feels like spring at home, even though winter has just started here in Malmö! Some pink candles that I bought, might help? They remind me of cherry-blossom! I tried winter-bathing for the first time, my little sister even dipped her head several times, but her lips were all blue...! Luckily the sauna was on...! If the snow will fall again and stay on the ground this time, winter will be so much more useful! Long-distance skiing or skating.. I sure don´t hope all the seasons will even out now that the environment changes. Sure, winter here in the south of Sweden is mostly grey and wet, but it does help when it comes to appreciating the other seasons. I myself have started eating mostly vegetarian food, and only ecological or wild meat - it even tastes better. I have to believe that the small changes do matter!

Soon, very soon now, I will go to the studio and start recording the second soloalbum- out in the countryside- to meet spring when it comes ...

Helena Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)
Helena Josefsson - H.J.

Comments by fans:
Idag hade Hella o Martin öppet hus i sin nya lägenhet :D

Hanna Josefsson, from Malmö, SE

Hej Helena,

Here in Poland it also snowed but today everything is melting and the ground turned grey again. What is worse, now it's so wet that you have to change your trousers when you are finally at home. I try to appreciate the winter and its long, pleasant evenings when I can drink hot, cinnamon tea, devour bars of chocolate and listen to some soothing music. I can't wait for spring and your next solo album to come.
Lots of love,

Mondays are the the most honest days. In the beginning of the working week, the arriviste in us is still a junior, the feeling of importance is still under construction, we lie less, we listen more. So on Mondays, we're still learning how to put our guard up; on Tuesdays, we're starting to get dogmatic; Wednesdays - we lose our sense of hearing, touch and truth; on Thursdays, we swank; on Fridays, we're recovering from anesthesia. We spend the weekends trying to cope with the pain of being ourselves, counting calories, money, chances, and blood cells. Helena Josefsson has just started recording a new solo-album. Fingers crossed, prayers, chants and hurrah's for the last honest musician in our feather-light music world.

Adela Toplean - A_T_ blog


It is an honour for me to say that the princess of the world are about to write a blog at the HJ Fanclub Portal. Guess who, if not Helena herself! She will blog while they are recording the coming album. I could'nt believe it when she said that. So hurry to be the first to register and read her first contribution soon.

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PS: Sorry for not being in the HJ Official Forum quite often, there is sooo much to do for me now. I work day and night, all the time. i hope to get more time soon. We're building a new wearhouse.

Updated May 2008 (LJdM): Finally, Helena decided to write a blog in her own website.

Cheers and kisses to you!

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Alberto Fuente ("Lantartida") said...

"... recording the second soloalbum - out in the countryside- to meet spring when it comes ..."

I guess she will record with Christoffer Lundquist at AGM Studio in Skäne again. Great news!