17 Aug 2007

HJ's spreading summer light (VIII): Malmöfestivalen

Helena Josefsson has played in Malmö festivalen. Some fans were there. Sandra, from Kristianstad, SE wrote: "After Tingsek's concert, I went to Helena Josefsson's one. She had really a fantastic radiation and a great voice. No other artist at Malmöfestivalen was as good as Tingsek or Josefsson."

Ann de Vos (a.k.a. spyboo), from Kapellen, Belgium, said: "Hej Helena. I just got home from my lovely vacation in Sweden, where the intention was to go look Per (about 6 times), but ended up looking more at you than Per. So just wanted to say, thanks for the great concerts (also thank Per) and your really great album, it's sort of my summer revelation. Good luck!". Carolina Josefsson, from Malmö, SE added: "Idag sjunger Helena, min syster , på Malmöfestivalen =) såklart ska familj och vänner dit och lyssna på henne!".

2007.08.17 Helena at Malmöfestivalen - Postis-Poesi 2

During the Malmöfestivalen, Helena Josefsson read some poems by South-Swedish new authors. All the poems were taken from Postis-Poesi, an anthology published by Sydsvenskan.

2007.08.17 Helena at Malmöfestivalen - Postis-Poesi 1

During the tour with Gessle we have moved to Malmö, it feels good to be closer to the sea and a lot more concerts to go too! I am charging myself for Friday, the show at Malmöfestivalen which will be with the full band. And then we go to Berlin to play, and I think it will be wonderful!

See you on Friday!
Helena 15.08

Malmöfestivalen - Malmö

I am still trying to melt the concert last friday, I have never experienced something like that before!
The audience was incredible and helped us be better than ever before! What happens now, is we go to Berlin in September to represent Sweden at the Pop Komm festival, and my booker Johan at Blixten & Co tries to book 5-8 gigs around Sweden for this autumn!
And we will keep working towards releasing the album abroad, so far nothing has happened!

Helena 19.08
Helena Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)

HJ, August 2007 - by Lotta Josefsson
Picture by Lotta Josefsson

It seems Helena Josefsson's fans have been supporting her this summer while she tries to relax from time to time with friends and family.

I have added forums in other languages to the Helena Josefsson's Official Forum. You can also discuss in Swedish, German, Spanish and French now. I thought it was the right time to add it, because we are getting more members now. And more members means also more international. I hope you like it and use also the new forums. Thank you to the users for the idea! That´s why we have the Feedback section.

Dany Etchart is a Brazilian fan that has been in Sweden this summer. Her videos are marvelous.

By the way, Helena Josefsson's Unofficial Fanclub has got new moderators like "Papillon". We hope the forum could be more active now. Furthermore, both the Official Forum and the Unofficial Fanclub's members have chosen their favourite songs from Dynamo.

We have started the HJ Official Forum with a poll about fans' favourite song of Helena Josefsson's Dynamo album. Isn´t it sometimes hard to pick only one song? Hard to decide! Where does the unused love go? is the final winner.

Third single (Swedish Radio) - Where does the unused love go? - May 28th, 2007

1. Where does the unused love go? - 30 %
My favourite. I loooove that song. Maybe it's the most original song in the album. At the same time, it has a sort of classic sound.

2. Waterlily love - 23 %
So sweet ... Sweet as sweet can be

2. Never never (my dynamo) - 23 %
The second single. A happy love song! It makes you feel very good!

4. Sleepyhead; Into the woods; Ghosts - 7 %

Nicole Breuer - HJ Official Forum

I know it is a hard choice but I ask to the members of HJ Unofficial Fanclub Portal which song is their fav at the Dynamo album? My fav is Meadow. These are our results:

1. Never never (my dynamo) - 37 %
2. Where does the unused love go?, Waterlily love, Meadow,
By your side, Big bad wolf
- 12 %

Emma Sonesson (aka BiLLY), from Höganäs, SE - HJ Fanclub Portal

Le Journal des Mouches has added the results of both polls:

1. Never never (my dynamo) - 28,57 %
2. Where does the unused love go? - 23,81 %
3. Waterlily love - 19,05 %
4. Ghosts; Into the woods; Sleepyhead;
By your side; Big bad wolf; Meadow
- 4,76 %

Linda Bengtzing has been crowned Turnedrottning (tour queen) of the year by Swedish news paper Aftonbladet (www.aftonbladet.se). The poll was taken by over 5000 readers with Linda romping to victory with over 18% of the total vote! Below is the complete list of the top touring Swedish female acts as published by Aftonbladet. Helena Josefsson is the number 19.


  1. Linda Bengtzing 18,1 %
  2. Nanne Grönvall 12,7 %
  3. Maria Andersson (Sahara Hotnights) 9,7 %
  4. Annika Norlin 6,2 %
  5. Sonja Aldén 5,6 %
  6. Maja Ivarsson (The Sounds) 5,5 %
  7. Marit Bergman 3,7 %
  8. Amy Diamond 3,6 %
  9. Sarah Dawn Finer 3,0 %
  10. Laleh 2,6 %
  11. Molly Sandén 2,6 %
  12. Miss Li 2,2 %
  13. Sofia Karlsson 1,8 %
  14. Anna Ternheim 1,8 %
  15. Maia Hirasawa 1,7 %
  16. Jessica Andersson 1,7 %
  17. Marie Lindberg 1,6 %
  18. September 1,5 %
  19. Helena Josefsson 1,5 %
  20. Shirley Clamp 1,4 %
  21. Charlotte Perrelli 1,1 %
  22. Lotta Engber 1,0 %
  23. Sanna Nielsen 1,0 %
  24. Kikki Danielsson 0,9 %
  25. Sophie Zelmani 0,9 %
  26. Elin Lanto 0,8 %
  27. Velvet 0,8 %
  28. Lill-Babs 0,8 %
  29. Annika Thörnquist (Da Buzz) 0,6 %
  30. Frida Hyvönen 0,5 %
  31. Veronica Maggio 0,5 %
  32. Mapei 0,5 %
  33. Linda Sundblad 0,5 %
  34. Anna Book 0,4 %
  35. Emilia 0,4 %
  36. Pernilla Andersson 0,3 %
  37. Asha Ali 0,3 %
  38. Sofia Källgren 0,2 %
  39. Emmon 0,2 %
  40. Victoria Bergsman 0,0 %
By the way, HJ Unofficial Forum has got a new administrator.

I'm a girl who is 16 years old. I live in a small little place in Småland, Sweden. I'm a big fan of Per Gessle and it was in that way I discovered Helena Josefsson. I knew who she was because I had heard her on his albums, and one evening when I had nothing to do I visited www.sandymouche.com and listened to some songs. I thought they were great and bought their albums. And well... then Helena released her soloalbum and I loved that to. I've never met Helena in person or seen her live (only four times this summer together with Per), but I hope I will have the oppurtunity to do that soon. I love Helena and think she is fantastic. I love how she goes her own way and just being herself. That is admirable. She always seems so sweet and happy and that makes me happy too.

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Now I am one of the site administrators of the HJ Fanclub Portal: "Papillon".

Hi... i am Marc Xavier LeBlanc... aka Bones... I'm a radio show host and DJ from Canada and i'm a big fan of Helena Josefsson and Sandy Mouche.

I am the host of (((la photo sonore))) radio show, that is every thursday nights from 7 to 9pm (Atlantic Standard time) - CKUM Radio J 93.5fm - and available online

On 16th August, I have played 28 songs. Numbers 26 and 27 were "In to the woods" and "By your side", from Dynamo.
Marc Xavier Leblanc, DJ Bones

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