12 Aug 2007

EHM Turné 20 - Stockholm

12 August Stockholm Sjöhistoriska

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Per Gessle speaks about the last gig on the bus towards the capital:
Have stained our long, high, newly cleaned bus with yet another eastern German hamburgerjoint. Christoffer needs a doubledecker! Yesterday we played Brunssparken in Örebro. Now the final concert at Sjöhistoriska museet in Stockholm is waiting, lots of friends and colleagues are said to be turning up and the only thing I can say is that it's a pity the tour will be over soon. Another month would have been perfect. A club tour perhaps.....
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According to Expressen and Marcus, from Roxette Service, some 12.800 spectators from Sweden and from all around the world came out to Sjöhistoriska Museét in Sweden's capital Stockholm on 12 August last to see the final concert for 'En händig man på turné 2007' (128.800 visitors in total). Having had Roxette-colleague Marie Fredriksson watching the show from the lighting stand before heading backstage, Per Gessle was a very happy man after the gig, as he felt that the audience with with him all the way through. He thinks he has never had such a good crowd on the stage.

It was fantastic fun. Goodbye performances are always somewhat special. It is a completely wonderful band. I have certainly done a 1,000 gigs in my life, but I've never felt such an authority in the band. They have been become so big throughout the country. I clearly notice that they carry backbones.

I am more than satisfied with the result and with my concerts, I am convinced that the audience is so too. Now we feel empty, dreary and depressed just like usual. The entire band is suffering from a hangover. All wanted to continue at least for another month. Honestly, this has been the funniest tour ever. Wonderful people in the band, both on and off the stage. A fantastic audience as always, shitcool songs to play. It feels fantastic to be able to offer a song firework like this one without having to open the door to Roxette.
I will start working on something new. An upcoming project with Marie Fredriksson or Gyllene Tider? Not just now, but it could happen in the future. There are no plans at all. For sure there will be more GT in the future, but that takes a long time. No plans with Roxette either. I am uptaken with other stuff. I will continue at the same speed. I write when it feels good. They are all the others who are lazy.

Thanks all of you who came and roared, bellowed, danced, tailed, were born and wore yourself out on this tour. An unforgettable journey that was far too short!! It tastes for more, but how???? But now there actually is a break for once. I'll be cooling down quite a bit, will start writing new songs a bit, schmooza a bit with an eventual third single from 'En händig man', perhaps a tiny bit of TV but in principle: b-r-e-a-k...

The Stockholm gig yesterday was just enormous! Overall the best gig of the entire tour!!! Quite unbelievable that we recorded this one for a DVD-movie that will be released in the autumn. I hope you all will have a superb end to the summer, make more babies, enjoy the blue sky and don't rely on evening papers!!!

Tjoho from the handy one
Per Gessle

Comments by fans:

Well, finally i am back!! I have need some days of relax after my journey, that's why i didn't write until now! What can I say... I´m sooo happy, it has been my best holydays ever!! Sweden is an amazing country, it is incredible beautiful and people were really nice with me and my friends.

The concerts of Per Gessle were incredible, I got the 1sr row in all of them (I had to sleep in the queueu in the Stocholm gig but i got it!!). Per was just awesome, he has been my idol since i was 9 and after seeing him live i must say i like him more than ever!! (i had seen him before with Roxette but this time was even better). He signed our Spanish flag we had took to the shows and i also got one of the picks he throw to the audience so i am extremely happy! Me and my friends were the ones who sang louder and jump the most and Per loved that, he was always laughing with us.. even we throw him a bra to see his reaction (and as we know they were recording that gig to make a dvd im sure we will appear on it! LOL). Wow it was really amazing.
Helena and Clarence were also great with us and they even took a pic with us when we asked them.. we also presented Helena with a t-shirt we had made with this message on the front: "I´m a Gessle addicted" that she inmediatly put on.. i would have loved to see Per´s faces when he saw the t-shirt! LOL

The 3 concerts I went to were amazing but the best one for me was the one in Vasteras. That night was just magic. We were there for 10 days and must say once again that the country is incredible (Malmo, Halmstad, Borgholm, Stockholm, Uppsala, etc,etc) , people very nice and my partners of the journey (fans of Mr.Gessle from different parts of Spain) were the best people i could have asked for. I started to miss them as soon as i got to Madrid again.. It has been a dream for me and I know they have been the most important part of this dream so i am very thankful for such great people. I cant wait to get back there, definetly i'll have to go soon!

It was hard to go back to Spain.. i mean, i missed my family but i was having such a great time that i didnt want the journey to come over.. we even had warm weather with no rain at all! (what is really strange.. swedish told us that the we, as we come from a sunny country as Spain, had brought with us the sun of Spain LOL)

In short: I´ll go back to Sweden as soon as i can and i would be the luckiest girl alive if I could go with the same people of this journey and of course if i could see Per´s live again!

Beatriz, from Madrid - - (aka bevispain)

Tickets from the EHM Turné signed by Clarence, Christoffer and Helena.

Terese Alwinder (aka Torras), from Uppsala, SE - - gessle.blogg.se

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