6 Nov 2007

Sandy Mouche's rehearsals and recordings for a new album (V): getting used to the drill

Hi again. Been in the studio now once a week and we are starting to get used to the drill. The first song is almost finished now after some drastic changes in the structure of the song. We all realised that we could make this song even more clean and honest so Per chopped of some parts (just like Dexter) of the song.

Helena and Martinique sang the lead vocals through the all new AKG C414 XL ll. It did a great job with our voices bringing it to a level that´s just perfect and enjoyable. The vers is sung in the same pitch but in the chorus our voices break apart and create a lovely atmosphere to the song.

Per recorded some percussion, tambourine, egg and an extra snare that let´s you feel the marching band. The song will be dangerous to listen to in a car when your driving.

We ate owen baked pork pancake with mushrooms, leek, butter (new to some but they loved it), lingonberry and a green sallad.

Stick around for more updatetes and photos. HERE are the photos from the latest sessions.

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