31 Oct 2007

Sandy Mouche's rehearsals and recordings for a new album (IV): all by ourselves


Finally after 10 days of the flu I can feel the energy in me again!!
We are recording quickly with Sandy Mouche, for the first time we will record a whole album by ourselves!

Per Blomgren, our drummer, is the main producer and he is really eager and in one break he played the drums with his little new-born son´s feet...! Until he puked... :o)
Ola is building a house and always comes sweaty from there straight to the recording. Martinique, who is writing all the material, feels really pleased with the whole thing, so do I!

Mainly I am writing songs for a new solo album, and I have done half of the songs, I am going to write a lot this time so we have many songs to choose from.

While I am trying to enjoy this autumn as much as I can, it really is wonderful, the blue sky and the yellow leaves, wow! I have quit my day job and even though I miss it a little bit I really feel happy about the fact that I can be focused on music and inspiration now, as much as possible!
Helena Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)


Mafer said...

Buen trabajo =)
ya he leído algunas de las recopilaciones de noticias.
Por cierto, donde vivo no es muy común escuchar música sueca =P

Mafer said...

lo olvidaba, soy /maferm en myspace