4 Aug 2007

EHM Turné 16 - Växjö

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4 August Växjö Evedal

Ailsa Plain (a.k.a. xarrrr) and her friend Klair, from UK, were there. This is her story:
Early rise, breakfast in the same room as the band. you can’t really ask for much more eh? Actually Klair and I were hiding behind a pilar. she had a tour shirt on. mine had Leif on it. kinda obvious!!! As we were checking out, Helena came up and started talking to us!! She is really one of the nicest people I have ever met. She said Per thought the show in Karlstad was the best so far! She asked if we’d seen many shows (maybe she remembered us from Hbg?!) and we said that we’d be at Växjö that night, and she said we should go on the bus with them! LOL can you imagine it! Christoffer also said Hej to us as he was checking out. We began the LONG drive to Växjö (over 5 hours!) and followed the bus for part of the way. We stopped a couple of times to let it get ahead, but blow me down, we walk into our Hotel lobby and they are all there. checking in. Helena waved at us hahah. felt kinda strange but really cool. MP was only a few doors down from us. We picked up some päron lollies and went to Evedal to meet Chantie and Cisca. sooo didnt know that Nadja, Ann and Eliza would be there too! so nice to catch up with everyone again. We also saw Eugene & Family there.
The show was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Best. Fantastik. Underbar. We partied at the cars with the crowd afterwards…. later going back to the hotel to get some sleeeeep.

Per Gessle has said:
A super evening ! Wonderful wonderful wonderful audience, an enormous response on everything in fact!!! The band still in top shape, tomorrow Malmö is waiting for us. Sunny in Halmstad. Best in the kitchen: 'Candida' by Dawn.

Comments by fans:

We went to the venue about 1 pm I think. First we wanted to check out where the concert will take place in the evening. So, we looked for the entrance. We found it very fast. But as we saw, that only 5 fans were waiting in front of it, we decided to have a walk to the very nice lake behind the venue. Melanie started swimming very soon and Heike and I just sat around, looked on the lake and talked a bit. Two hours later we went to the entrance again. Nothing really excited happened until we got let it. Just have to tell, that the ladies, who had to scan our tickets weren´t really prepared, because the scanner were already off and they first have to switch them on, when we stood in front of them. That was really bad, because everyone with normal tickets were already running to the stage! Argh!

2007.08.04 EHM Turné - Växjö by Chantie79 -17

The concert was great like I expected it. Helena saw our banner again and looked and smiled on us almost the whole concert. Per threw a plectrum in my direction. It felt in front of me and a nice security guy gave it to me. You can read "GESSLE 2007" on one side and "Ett händigt plektrum" on the other side.

After the concert we first wanted to go to the car and drive back to our hotel. But then we saw hundreds of cars on the street, that were not able to drive. So, we decided to take a walk around the venue. Behind the stage we saw the band´s tourbus. We waited there. But nothing happened for about 30 minutes. Then the gate opened and a black Mercedes drove out. Almost everybody looked on the driver. I didn´t. I looked on the backseat of the car, that was driving only 1 m beside me. And I saw Per Gessle in it. But he was just looking down to the ground and hasn´t seen us. But it was nice to see him anyway.

Some minutes later the band was going into the bus and somebody was shouting Helena´s name. She heard it and came to us. She talked with us and gave autographs to everybody. She took some pictures with 2 or 3 other fans. And as she see me, she remebered, that I have send her a marsipan pig before the tour started, and was really happy about it. "I got you pig, I got your pig! Thank you so much!" she was shouting and then she hugged me. That was soooo cool! After some minutes she ran into the bus and came back with a microphone to interview us. She wants that for Per´s radioshow in the US. We just told our names and where we came from. Then it was time to leave. The other guys waited all the time in the bus. Somebody came out and told us, that they were in a hurry. So Helena had to leave us. We told her, that we will be in Malmö the next day and she smiled.

2007.08.04 EHM Turné - Växjö by Alison UK -15

We drove to our hotel very happy. And when I parked my car beside the hotel, we saw the tourbus parking there too. That was really funny. We went into the hotel and almost the whole band was sitting there. Helena was sitting on the ground. I also recognized Magnus and Jens. I don´t know if Clarence was sitting there too, because everything went so fast. Helena was shoutung: "Hi!" And I answered "Nice to see you again. We are staying here too." She asked us, if we want to go into the disco. But we were so tired and had to drive to Malmö the next day. So, we said good night to them and went to bed.

When the show in Malmö started, we can Helena see, how she searched for our banner. She found it very fast, looked on us and smiled. This concert was great too. After the concert we just saw Martin, how he went backstage. But he didn´t see us.

Well, that´s what I can tell you about my tour experiences.

In the first break of the concert the band and Per go backstage. Per gets dressed in white and Helena always puts on some new lipstick. In Växjö it was very dark behind the stage and they forgot to put on the lights, so she had to search for her lipstick in the dark. She grabbed something, put it on her lips and when finally someone turned on the light and she looked into the mirror, she saw, that she had put on eyeliner instead of lipstick and all her lips were black. Mr. Green

Would have been too cute to see her come out with black lips. Wink Very Happy

Oh, and we saw Clarence the next morning in the hotel. Lucky band members could get a late breakfast while we already had to leave for Malmö to queue and be in the front row. They could have easily taken us with them in the bus, I think! Wink

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