3 Aug 2007

EHM Turné 15 - Karlstad

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3 August Karlstad Mariebergsskogen

Official video

Ailsa Plain (a.k.a. xarrrr) and her friend Klair, from UK, were there. This is her story:
Early start, massive cup of tea at the airport and a very SLOW drive from Göteborg to Karlstad. hmmm. we were meant to meet Saar in Karlstad (she was there with her travel-guide job!) but we were just too late. In the UK we woulda been there in no time, but ya gotta obey the Swedish speed limits. slow slow slow. hehe. we eventually arrived at about 3pm… 2 hours behind schedule! we checked in, freshened up and then went to the venue at about 4.30 or so. OMG. no one was there. like. at all. no fans. anywhere. it was so wrong!!! we strolled around Mariebergsskogen before it closed and then went outside. As we were going out Jens was walking in filming the venue [you can actually see Klair and I on the video that they have on Youtube!]. We waited in the lovely Solsken… ate crisps. mmm. When they opened the gates Klair and I were the first people through! We ran for the front and got the best position. The show was super. loved every minute of it. couldn’t bounce too much cos i was so tired. thank god there was a barrier propping me up. the camera-guy right in front of me was a bonus too. he was so hot…
muahaha. got back to the hotel and Clarence was in the reception! OMG. i ran…

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