22 May 2006

Sandy Mouche ... and poems for the unborn (V): NY Waiting and Spring 2006 Local Promo Gigs

The Sandy Mouche song "Spiderweb Suit" is featured in the film "New York Waiting" by Joachim Hedén. The film has its world premier and will compete at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. The festival runs from april 27 to may 7.

" ... and poems for the unborn"
Local Promo Gigs:
Spring in Lund and Malmö

* Antivåldsdagarna 2006, Stora Scenen, Folkets Park, Malmö 2006 · 05 · 12

* Stora Scenen (= The Big Stage), Lundakarnevalen 2006, Lund 2006 · 05 · 21
"Wow this was really something! Four years ago we did our first gig in a tent at the carnival. And this year we entered the big stage in front of a very nice crowd. We thank everyone who came for their support!"

Pictures taken by Gustav Nilsson
Fotograf Anton Borgström

According to Ida Annie Kyllerman, from Skäne, SE: "Sandy Mouche was fucking good at Lundakarnevalen! It is the first time I see this band live and I was there to see The Ark, but Sandy Mouche were really good. By the way, the drummer, Per Blomgren, is handsome." Gustav Nilsson (aka gurra), from Gällivare, SE said: "Hej Sandy, I would say this was one of the best live performances so far. The song "Lucky White Dragon" was better then ever. I also liked the build up of rhythm trough the concert, with Helenas nice moves on the stage."

Yo everyone! The music is spreading and it is now decided that our latest album will be released in France and Italy.
By Martingale in France and by Edel in Italy.

We are very happy about this and we hope that we soon can jump on a plane and do some gigs over there. Hurray!

Updated: That was said by the Josefssons in the Sandy Mouche's website in May 2006. And the photograph is really taken in Paris some months later in the first promo trip to France.

The man in the photo is Jean-Philippe Béraud. He has a small
discographic label MARTINGALE ( jp@martingale-music.com ) with their own web:


Here you can buy the White Lucky Dragon album by Sandy Mouche for 2520 yen tax incl. It was released there on 2004.09.23. This Japanese version of Sandy Mouche's 2004 debut album includes two bonus tracks, 'Mother' & 'New York'. I have not listened to them.

Now "Mother" is also included in "RELAXY: pure acoustic sound" released in Japan (2006/05/24 -
2100 yen tax incl. ).
2006.05.24 RELAXY - pure acoustic sound (includes Mother, by SM)

01. Linus Of Hollywood / Hot Child In The City
02. Bikeride / Wave
03. Kevin Tihista's Red Terror / O.K.
04. Pennebaker / I Feel I Could Do
05. Riviera / As Matters Stand
06. The Man / Tell The World
07. Of Montreal / City Bird
08. Mark Gardener (With Goldrush) / Rhapsody
09. Kim Fox / Welcome Back
10. Erk / Someone Like You
11. Seastone / The long way home
12. Sandy Mouche / Mother
13. Kaoru Ono Produced by Toshiaki Goto Vocal by Ikuko Harada / Aquarious

Sandy Mouche worked some time ago with two Japanese artists: Hideki Kaji and Fredo. The Japanese connection is still alive.
Mario Sleepyhead
Mario (aka Sleepyhead) - LJdM

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