11 May 2006

Helena Josefsson, backing singer at Tambourine Studios and Gula Studion (XVII): Air Bureau - Forever Love

Air Bureau is the musical brainchild of Niklas "Sunny Cide" Ehrlin and Henrik "Shiny Shooz" Larsson from Malmö in southern Sweden. Together with Patrik Skoog they started their careers in the hard-hitting techno act Headroom. They went around the world as DJs but felt after a good 50 releases on all the big labels like Planet Rhythm UK, Synewave NY etc that times were a-changin´. The Aircrash Bureau was first started as a side project, but soon got all of Niklas and Henriks attention and Patrik continued successfully as a solo artist (Agaric, we are records). Crawling up from the depths of debut single "Dont expect me (to forget you)" released on Stockholm records Universal and Skint/ Loaded, Niklas and Henrik decided to let their love for music in general, and funk and house in particular, take over and approach dance music in a more fearless way. Shortening their name to simply Air Bureau marked a new beginning and they started writing songs for an album, launching their own weekly club night Funkyard and sharing their much appreciated DJ sets at various clubs on the globe. Niklas is also co-owner of the local dance music store in Malmö called... Funkyard. The debut album "Forever Love" has been released in April 2006 (Sweden only so far...) and contains collaborations with both The Ark front man Ola Salo and Swedens foremost rapper, Timbuktu. On "Forever Love" Air Bureau hint at an exciting future steering a course towards a fresh dance hybrid of Basement Jaxx, Neptunes and Parliament/Funkadelic.

We just released our debutalbum, "Forever Love" here in Sweden to start with. And to celebrate this we would like to share a track with all of you friends. This track, "Had it with you" is one that we´ve had in our live-shows for a while, but it never made it to the album. The vocals are performed by Helena Josefsson from the great band "Sandy Mouche", also from Sweden. All kinds of feedback are welcome! Just click this link to get hold of "Had it with you"!

Go to www.airbureau.se and listen to Malmö-based house-group Air Bureau! There you can hear me sing on one bonustrack, Had it with you, but also Ola Salo of The Ark, Timbuktu and more on the album preview- all singing house!

Helena Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)
Helena Josefsson - H.J.

I've just listened to Air Bureau ...you really can sing everything, can't you??? How does it feel to have a totally unbelievable freedom of using your voice as a drainer for ten millions shades of emotions??!! I am almost pissed right now that there are still not enough people sensing for real how incredible your musical feeling is...and how strangely straight you bring it out... I left some kind of comment about sandy mouche on my last.fm account , as I feel I have to spread the word with my ridiculously little, trivial power. Helena, you should be seen as being the best.
"Just Emma", from Sandy Mouche's guestbook

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