30 Aug 2005

Sandy Mouche's Junk singles (I): Une histoire

”Back Home”
Lund Gig in Stadsparken

* Stadsparken i Lund 2005 · 05 · 28

First new single for an upcoming album
“Available for download, thanks to Junk Musik. Every living thing has a story.”

01. Une Histoire (Martinique)
02. Une Histoire Remix (Martinique, remixed by: JC)

According to Anders, from Junk Musik:
"We are proud to be able to release the new single from SANDY MOUCHE. It’s called “Une Histoire”. As always with Sandy Mouche, it’s a song you can not resist to love. And it’s in French!"

Sandy Mouche 2005 Malmö Summer Gigs

* SheMusic Festival, Malmö 2005 · 07 · 01

* Junk Night (or JUNK EXTRAVAGAZA SHOW), Malmöfestivalen, Malmö 2005 · 08 · 20

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