10 Oct 2005

P, C & C lay down some harmony (V): Florian Horwath's Tour and New David sings Kraftwerk

Junk Musik grows and grows. Christoffer Lundquist & friends' record company is promoting two of their artists: Florian Horwath and New David.

Florian Horwath - When The Light Came Around

Florian Horwath - Golden Teeth

Florian Horwath with Jens Jansson and David Birde

Florian Horwath @ Chelsea, Vienna AT 29th September 2005
Video by Annika & Jens Jansson

As you may know, Brainpoolians David Birde & Jens Jansson are on a German tour with our friend Florian Horwath. Now, Florian sends us this pic with this text:
"jens & david in full effect.. or this is what happens when you meet a sofa late at night in lustenau, a funny town, very far on the eastern outskirts of austria and very close to switzerland. we were guided to a bizarre övergiven former goa hideout, with a huge “anything goes” playground yard, circus tents, an enormous wood carved phallus & a massive soundsystem. our tour-soundmaestro jeff playing hardcore old skool techno house tunes from his hometown chicago. by the way. we were the only people there. feature dance craze movie to come"

We wonder: do we need to worry? Anything goes? Fire? Sofa? Dance craze movie? Bizarre övergiven former goa hideout? Any guesses?

Florian Horwath Tour
  • 20.09.05 AUT – Vienna, Chelsea
  • 21.09.05 AUT – Graz, PPC
  • 22.09.05 AUT – Klagenfurt, Kamot
  • 23.09.05 AUT – Lustenau, Carini Saal
  • 24.09.05 AUT – Weyer, Bertold Saal
  • 27.09.05 GER – Karlsruhe, Die Stadtmitte
  • 28.09.05 GER – München, Zerwirk
  • 29.09.05 GER – Konstanz, Kulturladen
  • 30.09.05 GER – Würzburg, Pleierhof
  • 01.10.05 SWZ – Zürich, tba.
  • 02.10.05 GER – Neu-Ulm, Salon Hansen
  • 03.10.05 GER – Köln, Blue Shell
  • 04.10.05 GER – Darmstadt, Oettinger Villa
  • 06.10.05 GER – Jena, Kassablanca
  • 07.10.05 GER – Berlin, 103
  • 08.10.05 GER – Halle, Objekt 5
  • 09.10.05 GER – Hamburg, Schilleroper
PS: Ok, it’s time to get really worried. THIS VIDEO CLIP came from Florian, Jens & David: lost somewhere in Germany, only communicating by sending us strange messages. What IS this? What’s happening? What drugs are they on? WHERE ARE THEY? WHAT ARE THEY DOING??
Anders Mildner (Junk Musik)
Anders Mildner - Junk Musik

It’s Sunday night; I’m in Hamburg for the grand finale of Florian Horwaths autumn tour. Schilleroper, the club for the evening, is situated a few blocks north of Reeperbahn and it’s crowded with people hanging out in a large number of old sofas. We are all expecting something extraordinary, and after 28gigs in 28 days.
Florian, Jens Jansson and David Birde are up for it. The stage is bathing in red light when the trio, enters, clapping a rhythm with their hands. Suddenly the band explodes in the loudest noise just to, the next second, play so silent that you could hear the bartender whisper. At some point David even unplugs his electric guitar to play it like an acoustic.

The crowd is focused; no one moves no one breathe. Florian is singing like an angel. Jens is making strange sounds with his cymbals and it’s all just beautiful. After the gig Sunday is Monday and the cabdriver who is driving me back to the hotel looks confused when I sing “When the light came around” loud in his car.

Vielen dank for a great evening in Hamburg, I’m stoked for life!
Daniel Bexell (University of Jens)
Daniel Bexell - bexell.se

Finally, it’s here! New David’s much talked about EP, “NEW DAVID SINGS KRAFTWERK”, is now released. Go HERE to listen & buy. We are proud to present New David, alone with a piano, Ida Sandlund & a whistling Titiyo! This is SIX CLASSIC KRAFTWERK SONGS given a whole new rendering that will make you play this EP over and over again. NEW DAVID SINGS KRAFTWERK contains the songs Autobahn, Computer Love, Expo 2000, Neon Lights, Radioland & The Model. It will let you hear these songs the way Kraftwerk n-e-v-e-r intended.

Funny enough, New David was signed to Junk after playing his “Lazybird” on an acoustic guitar just moments before he went on stage to play with Magnus Börjeson, Jens Jansson & David Birde. This EP was the result of New David playing Kraftwerk songs on a piano AFTER a gig. It sounded so great that we said: Let’s make an EP – NOW. Here it is. We think you will enjoy this one as much as we do.

New David has recorded SIX CLASSIC KRAFTWERK SONGS, with only a piano, a girl playing glockenspiel, and a famous singer standing next to him, whistling. In this podcast, New David explains all about the idea & the new EP. You will also hear excerpts from the songs Autobahn, Computer Love, Expo 2000, Neon Lights, Radioland & The Model. Listen to the podcast HERE

Love, Junk staff

Anders Mildner (Junk Musik)
Anders Mildner - Junk Musik

New Davids Kraftwerk interpretations must conquer the world sooner or later. I can’t wait to hear his new stuff.

Chris Lundquist (Junk Musik)
Christoffer Lundquist - Junk Musik

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