19 Mar 2005

P, C & C have a party in their heads (IV): PG's View from the bridge vs. FW's Måla mitt minne

LJdM readers could remember one of the first works of the team "P, C & C": a song for the Oresund bridge.

Swedish musician Freddie Wadling (The Flesh Quartet, among others) will release a new album March 30. The album is called “Jag är monstret” (“I Am the Monster”), and contains songs written by other artists, like for instance Jocke Berg (Kent), Mauro Scocco and Per Gessle.

Per’s little contribution is “Måla mitt minne” (“Paint My Memory”), a mid-tempo song written for the “Mazarin” album in November 2002, but was never fully recorded. Some of the melody is borrowed from Per’s own instrumental “View From a Bridge”, written for the opening of the Öresund bridge a few years ago. Titiyo sings with Freddie on this song.

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