5 Dec 2002

Sandy Mouche Autumn and Winter gigs (II): Sandy Autumn in Malmö (II)

Sandy Mouche continue their gigs on the demostage of Malmö. This time in two cafés.

* Element Café & Design, Malmö 2002 · 11 · 30
MALMÖ - Element Café
Situated at Löjtnantsgatan 4, Element is an oriental-inspired café where students often hang out to read, chat or play a game of backgammon.

* Café Panora, Malmö 2002 · 12 · 05
MALMÖ - Café Panora - Sankt Gertrudsgatan 4A
Situated at Sankt Gertrudsgatan 4A, I've read somewhere that Café Panora is a small place where films and live music are shown.

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