10 May 2002

The beginning of Sandy Mouche's live sound (I): Lundakarnevalen, 2002

We will play on a tent at the Lund carnival - Lundkarnevalen. This big event is held every 4th year in the town of Lund. Be there, it´s really cool.

* Lundakarnevalen, Lund 2002 · 05 · 10

LUND - Sigrid Street

Once upon a time on a beach in a kingdom far away from the northern cold a name was created. The name was Sandy Mouche.

What the creators didn't know at the time was that Sandy Mouche was so much more than only a name. It became a person. A person who lives in every member of the band Sandy Mouche. She gives them comfort and advice when life seems pointless and grey. Together they are an unbreakable team with a mission: To help people learn how to love themselves. It is only then you truly can be happy.

With sand still between their toes Helena, Per and Martinique returned from paradise to complete the task. They needed someone who could master the art of playing the bass and together with drummerboy Per form a solid ground for the band to stand on. Per turned to his older brother Ola, a blond prince with a history of excellent string handling. He accepted the offer and the bass was handed to him.

The band was almost complete and a messege had to be made. A message that could give the people a taste of what they were about to experience from now on and many years to come.
  • Helena Josefsson: Vocals and keyboards
  • Martin Nilsson (a.k.a. Martinique Josefsson): Vocals and guitar
  • Ola Blomgren: Bass
  • Per Blomgren: Drums
If you're lucky enough to cross paths with the band the legend speaks of a rush of joy far beyond this world straight to your heart, right Sandy?

Sandy Mouche
"Sandy" - Sandy Mouche

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