31 May 1999

Helena Josefsson is a bandstarter too (VIII): Lund's Harvest includes ewing.1

According to its web, ewing.1 :

Mattias Jeppsson joined the band just in time for ewing.1's second gig at Blekinska Nationen in Lund, a well reputated place for contemporary live music. This particculary night (7th May 1999) has been for, according to Blekingska Nationen, the four best unsigned bands in Sweden at the time.
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* Klubb Indigo, Blekinska Nationen, Lund - 1999 - 05 - 07
- Demogala #4: Ambulance, ewing.1, Kingsize, Tribeca

ewing.1's song, This Spring (lyrics by Helena Josefsson; Music by Tingsek), played in Klubb Indigo, has been chosen for Blekingska Nationens promo-CD, 4'th Harvest.

We have thought it is the time to record our second demotape, again with talented Matthias Oldén to help out in the studio. On this demotape the band will show that that we have grown both individually and more importantly together as a band. With this new five-song promo, ewing.1 shows a much more emotionally mature side of themselves and our music. With Magnus constantly writing new songs and their determined struggle to live of what they all love, their music, you can be sure that this isn't the last time you've heard the name ewing.1.

ewing.1 promo-2 (recorded in May 1999) includes these songs:
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1. stuck (Tingsek)
2. suicidal highway (Tingsek)
3. always unexpected (Tingsek)
4. breathe (Tingsek/Josefsson)
5. the role of a soldier (Tingsek)


Lyrics said...

STUCK (by Tingsek)

Incredible silence, falling down and realising,
it takes it all to a much better place.
It´s a journey through a whole lotta hell,
suffering, moaning before i could let someone in to tell what It means.

I was stuck to the ground to be around life in general.
to learn how to see my friends and locate the sources of life.
All my burdens melts to the ground to be around ignorance and
hate towards the people that i forgot how to hate but now It´s gone.
Ijust want my soul to sing along.

My cry was cold and I was trying to call for help but then i noticed
this silence cutting through something inside of me.
It made me show myself reality through misery and it left me to discover
what I had and what it means.

I was stuck to the ground..........

Lyrics said...


You sold your soul for rehablitation It´s constant pain
Your eyes reflected fear and realisation of constant pain.

You shimmer in blue `cause you can see the end of the highway
With wornout shoes you see me at the end of the highway.
You shimmer in blue `cause you can see what you´re gonna be.

Just before you made it to the end of the road you found a path
leading to the stars where your soul has been hiding from all what
you could be. But your back again.

You shimmer in blue.........

Lyrics said...


Pain something hard to belive in I can´t handle my problems It´s just the same.
But just when I got a grip of the situation a lightning struck my head and I´m back again.
I can see you. You`re holding on to life.

I am crying, trying to know what it means how it feels to go.
This can´t be supposed to be
it´s confusing me.

I am calling, calling for help singing songs just to improve my ability of handling and feel.
This one is for you, locked up in heaven for nothing and it feels like this wound is never gonna heal.
I can see you.
Your holding on to life.

I am crying trying to know.........

lyrics said...

BREATHE (by Helena Josefsson)

Look at the sky i have never seen it so clear.
I´ve tried to deny it but there´s nothing left to fear.
I´ve decided to follow my heart and head but i´ve been breaking my bones instead,
so mislead.

I throw myself into the blue I don´t know what it takes.
I wanna know what difference it makes.
I won´t be scared I take my share of what the world can give me.
I´m lying in the hands of destiny.

Look at me now I am standing here on my own.
I don´t know quite why, but I´ve never felt less alone.
Somebody gives me the strength to be like I am.
He offers me loving I just don´t want this to end.
I´ve decided to follow my heart and head but I`ve been breaking my bones instead,
so mislead.

I throw my self into the blue..........

lyrics said...


Let´s switch from attraction to romance and face what silence says.
Let´s breathe and softly surrender what before may have been a mess.
Today I lost the part that my sense once told me to play.
Let´s not say what comes next, don´t leave yourself.

Let´s just roll into not thinking what to do.
Plant a growing rock and see its height no matter what.
And climb it if it hides.

I walk my way through the blindness that I thought would make me strong.
But now you made me realise, I was just hiding from my self.
So let us fill the parts together around my old play.
That I thought i could do by myself.

Let´s just roll into...................

Anonymous said...

Helena + Tingsek = AMAZING!!!