15 Apr 1999

Helena Josefsson is a bandstarter too (VII): ewing.1 promo-1

According to its web, ewing.1 has released its first EP, promo-1, recorded in March 1999.

After our first gig in Lund last January, we felt we were ready to record our first demotape. With our dear friend Matthias Oldén (from The Pang) behind the controls, we have recorded a four-track promo-CD, wich will make our existance known to the record companies all over Sweden. A lot of people loves the fresh and energetic sound of ewing.1.
After this, Jens Hellgren (electric guitar) has decided that he has too many things goin' on at this time, to dedicate himself full-time to ewing.1. So the search began for a new lead guitarist, and after several auditions we have found exactely what we were looking for in the extremely talented guitarist Mattias Jeppsson, who has gladely joined the band this April.
So this is ewing.1 now:
  • Magnus Tingsek (from Sideshow Bob) - vocals, acoustic guitars, pedal steel.
  • Helena Josefsson (from Plastic Soul) - vocals, tambourine
  • Mårten Dahl (from The Pang) - bass guitar, harmony vocals
  • Johan Svensson - drums
  • Mattias Jeppsson - electric guitars
And these are the songs included in the first EP:
  1. this spring (Tingsek/Josefsson)
  2. mount yurway (Tingsek)
  3. she devil (Tingsek)
  4. back home (Tingsek)


Lyrics said...

"This spring"'s lyrics are composed by Helena Josefsson (Tingsek did the music). These are the lyrics:

This was not like i thought it would be, now i´m running. Trying to get rid of my own history,
i´m not hiding.

This spring won´t go dry i´ll always be yours. Right now it´s your time to belive.

I´ve been running into painted walls, great illusions. When i achive what i thought was my dream, everything falls.
This spring

Lyrics said...

MOUNT YURWAY (by Tingsek)

I´m sweating it´s a time-trial to kill. I´m standing on the edge, i don´t know if i will.
Hesitating, hyperventilating i decide to go another way, to somewhere i might stay.

I´m trembling, trying not to go blind. I´m not far away to loose my mind. It feels kind of hard to swallow.
I´m standing on the top of Mount Yurway.

And when i´m here i always come to late. I never try hard enough and i´m seriously engaged to thoughts of late surviving. It´s much harder than i thought. I start to think and i wanna run and i´m back on square one.

I´m trembling, trying not to go blind.........

lyrics said...

SHE DEVIL (by Tingsek)

Confusion's running through her veins. it's a major depression.
She's getting closer to insane, pointless injections.

do do do do........

She's in a lonely heart parade, walking naked.
She's earning her right to remain, caked with enjoyable lies.

Lantartida said...

BACK HOME (by Tingsek)

I would never belive my self
if i saw this a year ago.
I´m actually enjoying my self
when i´m doing what i use to hate.
Can you belive i´m sitting here again.

I fill my soul with memories alone I´m laughing.
I wonder what it was that made me lonely.
I´ve never had such peace and comfort now I´m crying.
Happiness is rushing through my,
through my veins.

I met someone i won´t forget
but she´s thousands of miles away.
I´ve got something left back home
but I´m trying to forget.
Can you belive i´m sitting here again.

I fill my soul..........

Anonymous said...

Listen to Tingsek. He is one of the best musicians of Sweden nowadays.