24 Mar 1999

Nice days for P, C & C new team (VI): Brainpool's new album released today

These are the 12 songs of Brainpool’s new album “You Are Here” and the first single with the same title are in the Swedish shops today.

1 Penguin Rock (1:36)
2 Live-Transmission (3:59)
3 You Are Here (3:36)
4 God Bless Free Radio (2:58)
5 Here Comes The Weekend (4:36)
6 Walk On By (3:46)
7 Into The Crowd (2:59)
8 Intercity (3:49)
9 City Of Glass (3:45)
10 Saviour (4:40)
11 Cars (5:37)
12 Reason (1:07)

Brainpool’s bassist-singer Christoffer Lundquist appears on Roxette’s latest album and features as the producer of the album. Jens Jansson's drums were in The World According to Gessle too. David Birde is the lead singer in this new album by the band from Lund, Sweden.

Brainpool thanks Roxette in the booklet of “You Are Here” for “keeping them busy”.

But on the contrary to Roxette, Brainpool boasts in the booklet that “no sequencers, computers or samplers were used”.

By the way, Christoffer Lundquist will get married in May. Brainpool will have a Swedish promo tour, but it is supposed they won’t have any gigs before the beginning of June.

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