15 Jan 2010

Helena Josefsson and her plans for 2010

Some of our few readers could be asking themselves about Helena Josefsson. She is busy like always. Helena answered to a message from Kamila Aleksandrowicz in the Guestbook of the Official website. Read it below. The picture of Charles-Didrik was taken by his aunt Sofia Josefsson.

I have been busy, studying in Copenhagen, to become an opticitian like my younger sister! I want to work part-time with it along with music, because as a parent I want to give my family more possibilities. And studying takes a lot of time :) But it is fun to learn new stuff! On top of this we live at my mother´s place because of a large renovation of our flat which is really needed.

About my second album I don´t know, who or when it could be released... But the good part is I am working on more music videos for it with friends, and we have started rehearsing with Sandy Mouche which I enjoy more than ever! Just for fun, like when we first begun playing together. And I am planning for a show with my friend Malin Nilsson the magician.

PS: Help Haiti people by purchasing my music on CDbaby
If you buy music from me, my band Sandy Mouche or anyone through the site CDbaby 1 USDollar will go to helping Haiti survivors of 12th January earthquake.
Helena Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)



Anonymous said...

I hope Helena could release her album soon. :/ Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for mensioning my name on your blog. I was thrilled to pieces to receive the message from Helena as she had kept so silent for so long. :)


Alberto Fuente (LJdM's editor) said...

Thank you for asking Helena and reading this blog, Kamila. It seems we are two of the few fans that keep on waiting for the second solo album. It's worth it!

My best wishes for you from London.


Alberto Fuente said...

Hi! Today we celebrate Helena's birthday! Wish her a Happy Birthday in her guestbook (Link: helenajosefsson.com)

Anonymous said...

I need more "Helena's music" this 2010!!!

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Anonymous said...

Helena Helena Helena!!!!

You are the best one!