5 Dec 2009

Sandy Mouche hides the head in the sand (V): Sommardis - Lions julsoaré

2009.12.05 Korsbacka kyrka - Kävlinge - 2

From time to time, Helena Josefsson and Martin Josefsson sing and play in churches, usually with the pianist Christoffer Andersson. They used the name "Sommardis" before for this trio and it is a good opportunity to see some of Sandy Mouche's members together.


It is Christmas time, good time for another concert. December 5, 2009, they have played with the trumpetist Roger Johansson (Kävlinge Golfklubb's greenkeeper) and a children's choir, in "Lions julsoaré" in Korsbacka church, Kävlinge, Skäne. The concert was arranged by Lions Club Kävlinge, a charitable secular organization.

Erik Johansson, a Swedish fan, was there and was able to buy a CD with Helena and Martin music for her friend Johanna Molander, moderator in HJ Official Forum and HJ Fanclub Portal. Helena and Martin played songs as "Hallelujah", "Pie Jesu" and "Time to say goodbye".

Helena and Martin Josefsson, singers
Christoffer Andersson*, piano
Roger Johansson, trumpet
Lucia from Korsbackaskolan and the church's children choir.
Tickets: 150 kr. Under 12 y.o. free.
Buy tickets at: Hellbergs Bokhandel, Kärvlinge
All the money will go to Världens barn / Children of the World.
Place: Korsbacka kyrka.
Time: 16.00 - 2009/12/05

2009.12.05 Korsbacka kyrka - Kävlinge - 1

(*Updated: Finally, Christoffer Andersson could not play this time. Martin's brother played the piano)

Korsbacka kyrka 16.00 2009/12/05

Christmas concert! Candlelight and children´s choir guaranteed!

Martinique and me sing beautiful Christmas songs, and the children´s choir sings too in a "Luciatåg"!

Helena Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)

Helena & Martin - "Hallelujah"

Helena & Martin - "Pie Jesu"

Helena & Martin - "Time to say gooodbye"


Lions Club Kävlinge said...

Lördag 5 december kl 16.00

Lions julsoaré

Artister: Helena och Martin Josefsson, sång, Christoffer Andersson, flygel, Roger Johansson, trumpetsolist. Lucia från Korsbackaskolan och kyrkans förskola. Hela behållningen går oavkortat till Världens barn insamlingen. Biljetter 150 kr säljes hos Hellbergs Bokhandel. Barn under 12 år fritt inträde. Varmt välkomna. Lokal: Korsbacka kyrka.
Arr: Lions Club Kävlinge

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

In Lions' website, it is said that Martin's brother played the piano, although Christoffer Andersson was supposed to do it.

Red Lion said...

There is also a Lions Club in the city I live. Christmas songs with Helena Josefsson's voice ... Surely even better than it sounds!

LJdM said...

Helena and Martin uploaded three videos of this concert on 23rd December, 2009 as a Christmas present for Sandy Mouche's fans. The videos and the songs are really good.

Klaus said...

An album for next Christmas, please!!!