8 May 2009

Martinique European Tour - Concert Nr.13: Halmstad

8.5 - Halmstad, Sporthallen

Just home after what was to me the largest crowd I´ve played for on my own. A cool feeling getting up on stage and seeing this sea of people. I´m very happy with my performance. Strange talking Swedish but I managed.

The sound check:

Back stage:

The crowd:

And action:

Earlier today Helena and e managed to squeeze in another gig at Dunkers Culture house in Helsingborg. All in all a great day. Mr X is back on track and so are we. It´s good to be home altough Europe, I´ll never forget you. Ohh look at the time, my make up is flaking but i´m still smiling. Goodnight.
Martinique Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)

Comments by fans:
Martinique! Thanks a lot for all of 3 shows I attended (in Gent, Amst & Halmstad), it was amazing to sing along with you. I’ve bought the white T-shirt – it’s just unreal cool! =) And the e.p. is still playing in my ears, very good lyrics! Lycka till med avslutningen av turnen, ha:lsa Helena! Prova ja:rna pepparkakan fra.n Tula (en stad i Ryssland)!

Hej Martinique! How was today’s show? You’re probably on stage while I’m writing this post. I had a busy working weekend and tomorow I also have to go to work but lots of work at least stopped me from thinking about the tour all the time. It’s so hard to face up the fact that for me the tour was just one concert. Anyway, I’m glad I could attend one concert! It’s something to cherish for a long time until the next tour one day. Are you going to continue writing the blog or give yourself a break? I suggest having a break and devoting more time to family and Sandy Mouche? Lately I’ve been listening to …and poems for the unborn and I must admit I didn’t listen to it very attentively in the past and now I discover some new instruments and sounds and I find pleasure in some songs which in the beginning felt a bit dull. :) “Chimney hole” is fabulous with Helena singing the fragment about the fish. Poetry to my ears. Thank you. I’d like to thank you for writing the blog. I’m really grateful.

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