29 Apr 2009

The Party Crasher Tour - Concert Nr.9: München

29.4 München, Muffathalle

2009.04.29 PC Tour - MÜNCHEN

Every record company from each country can choose to promote or not an album, if they like it or not. It's more difficult now than it was 10 years... Per gets involved in this promotion very much, he finds radio stations, writes emails. But between him and the listener there are so many other people with old ideas about music industry, and it's very difficult to work with them... the record company can choose to launch a record, but if they decide to promote it or not, you can not do anything about this.... The motive for there is no concerts in the eastern Europe is that the promoters don't have a good network... Per Gessle finds very hard to launch his album in the US and he is very frustrated. He doesn't choose to not launch it. He fights for everything. But he doesn't decide. Music industry works like 10 years ago, and it should change.

This tour is too small to gain some money. It is a tour that looses money. Per Gessle looses money with this tour. If there are more concerts , more money he looses. But he wants to do this. I like how some of the Roxette songs turned out. Initially we tried to sing them in the original form, but sounded like we imitated Roxette... So we slowly started to sing them differently... The way we sang resembles the way Per writes them, he composes with the guitar. We play live, but sometimes it sound horrible because of the technologie... it's not your own men to take care of the mixing and you cannot be sure it will sound the way you want.

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