28 Sep 2008

Helena's second album, waiting to be released (I): a new Dynamo concert in Malmö

2008.09 Bökskogen, Skäne - by Hanna Josefsson
Bokskogen, Skäne, September 2008 - by Hanna Josefsson

28/9 2008, Viktoriateatern, Malmö
- www.victoria.se -

Price: 75 sek, including brunch and movie!

While I am waiting for the new album to be released, we (Christoffer Andersson, Martinique and me) will do a trio-concert with the songs from the "Dynamo" album!

I have wanted to sing in this small theatre for a long long time, it is very cosy! They have a grand piano, and they serve brunch included in the entrance fee! At two o´clock there will be a movie too!

Helena Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)

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