7 Jun 2008

Sorry: Le Journal des Mouches will be updated and changed ... very soon

When I began this blog a year ago I knew nothing about internet issues. This was my first message.

My name is Alberto, I am from Spain and this is the first post of a new blog about Helena Josefsson and the bands Sandy Mouche and Son of a Plumber. It is made because I wanted to put in chronological order the information we can get about Helena, SM and SOAP in the net, and in order not to saturate the Helena Josefsson Official Fan Forum with too much information and pictures. I began posting here in July 2007, but I thought it was easier to put the dates of the events as a Journal: Le Journal des Mouches (that means, the Flies Journal, but it actually refers to Sandy Mouche and Helena Josefsson). Welcome!
PS1. Journal des Mouches is only a blog made by a fan. It is not official, but it takes Official sources.
PS2. If you find any photo or information that you think it shouldn't be here, please tell me and I will change it for sure. Thank you
PS3. If you want to publish an article in this simple Journal, just send me an e-mail lantartida(at)yahoo(dot)es
Well, one year later I have understood that many things have been made very badly. For example I have published some information without contacting the original authors before, although I always mention them (I don't want people to think I write what I don't write but now I know that people should know where do their words feature). You can be sure that I don't use others words to win anything: I just wanted to compilate information about my favourite artists.

I hope you all can understad that I am only a stupid unexperienced blog editor without any bad intention. I will update the articles very soon and delete any inappropiated entry, so PLEASE, be patient. Anyway, if you find any information that shouldn't be here, don't hesitate to tell me.

Kind regards.

Alberto Fuente (aka Lantartida),
from Madrid, ES

PS: Kai, thank you for your message.

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