16 Feb 2008

Sandy Mouche's rehearsals and recordings for a new album (X): drums, guitars, piano, ... and papillons

2008.02.16 SM recording 1

Per Blomgren and me were alone in the studio today. Per did the drums on the 150bpm song. He played them like a robot. Stiff and tight with old cloths on the snare and toms. Even some extra Gaffa tape on the hi-hat and cymbals. But before then I played a guitar at the end of the areana song...remember? Actually there were two guitars creating a nice Wembley feeling.

2008.02.16 SM recording 2

Ok back to the current song. The drums came out great. Then we used a Teisco synth for the bass, a bit tricky since it is a mono synth. A great Bass Tuba did the job. On the verse and chorus a Philips Phlicorda organ saved us with it´s creamy smooth sound (just the type I love).

2008.02.16 SM recording 3

Next session will be guitars and vocals. Hopefully a week from now.

Le Journal des Mouches has uploaded the full version of Sandy Mouche's song Papillon. We think many fans had not watched this full version because it was only available in Ola Blomgren's website

Papillon was the third video from the debut album "White Lucky Dragon" (2004). They uploaded a short version of the video in youtube (April, 2006). The video was directed by Jeffery Richt, a photograph from Malmö.

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I wonder what music can make Martin and the Blomgren brothers with Helena in the backside.