24 Feb 2008

MOUCHETUBE - Feb.08 (IV): Gessle's top 3

  • Per Gessle - Smakar På Ett Regn

"Absolutely addictive melody, and now that I know what the lyrics mean, I love it even more."

  • Per Gessle - Om du bara vill

"As good as anything he's ever written, this song shows him at the height of his powers. I chose to showcase the new "unplugged" version from the En Händig Man tour, since it shares the spotlight with Helena."

  • Gessle - Do you wanna be my baby?

"About ten years ago, I went into my local record store looking to complete my Roxette CD collection, but they didn't have anything from them. They did, however, have "The World According to Gessle". I picked it up on a whim, figuring that since he was the main songwriter in Roxette, his solo stuff would be a decent replacement for the full Rox experience. And so my love for Per's solo stuff started, to the point where I prefer it to Roxette (heresy, I know :p)"

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