29 Feb 2008

Helena is recording her second solo album (II): going to Jerez

I am sorry I´m so quiet, not writing anything at all here (almost)! But in April most of the recording of next album, will be done, and then I promise to put some photos here.

Now I´m going to Spain for a flamenco festival (XII Festival de Jerez) and my legs are like jelly- it´s so nervous and exciting!

2008.03.01 Jerez Flamenco

Then I will go skiing. I am looking forward to it incredibly much after 5 months of writing songs at home. When I get back I have some weeks for writing another bunch of songs. A photo from the flamenco class might be nice?
Helena Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)

Grain of Sand 1

Le Journal des Mouches wants to welcome grainofsand.info.se with open arms.

grainofsand.info.se is a new fan site about Helena Josefsson. It is held by the same staff of a great fansite, gyllenetider.se.nu.

There are not many things there right now (just links to Helena Josefsson's Official site).

The moon is a grain of sand
is obviously the first song of the month in grainofsand.info.se.
  • Here you can listen at songs from Dynamo, her first own solo-project:

Just click here! (http://helenajosefsson.com/flashspelaren/player)

  • You can also listen here, at her myspace (there is more songs at the first link, but it's one song that you can't listen at the first link):

Just click here! (http://www.myspace.com/helenajosefsson)

  • You can also visit her offical site:

Just click here! (http://helenajosefsson.com/)

The most recording of Helenas next album, will be done in April, as Helena wrote on the news page at helenajosefsson.com.

LJdM Update 2009: There was no update of "Grain of Sand" site ever.

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Alberto Fuente ("Lantartida") said...

Welcome to Spain, Mrs. Josefsson. Enjoy the food!