1 Jan 1997

Welcome to Le Journal des Mouches!

My name is Alberto Fuente, I am from Spain and this is the first post of a new blog about Helena Josefsson, Sandy Mouche and Per Gessle's Solo Band.

It is made ...
  • Because I wanted to put in order the information we can get about Helena, SM and SOAP in the net. It is not easy to look for information about them in so many pages. With this "Journal" you can keep yourself udated.
  • In order not to saturate the HJ's Official Fan Forum with too much information and pictures. The idea really began there.

I began posting here in 2007, but I thought it was easier to put the dates of the events as a Journal: Le Journal des Mouches (that means, the Flies Journal, but it actually refers to Sandy Mouche and Helena Josefsson).

I have been working in this project from Madrid (Spain), Paris (France) and London (UK). I should improve my language skills anyway! I am no journalist, but just a "teacher man in Antarctica".


PS1. Journal des Mouches is only a blog made by a fan. It is not official, but it takes Official and Unofficial sources. It does not want to substitute these great websites. Visit them:
PS2. If you find any photo or information that you think it shouldn't be here, please tell me and I will change it for sure. I do not earn anything for being the editor of this blog and I just put this information because it could be interesting for other fans. Thank you

PS3. If you want to publish an article in this simple Journal, just send me an e-mail lantartida(at)yahoo(dot)es

Alberto Fuente (Editor) -LJdM

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