18 Aug 2006

Sandy Mouche's poems grow up abroad (II): Papillon, first single in France - Spiderweb suit, waiting in New York

first single in France (2006 · 08 · 18 )

We are still here! We are preparing for the French release so that is why we seem so absent.

We have been doing all kinds of things for example swimming in the sea :o) And we have been trying to manage to make a new music video, just trying to collect every coin that is needed.

I hope we can make it! I am also reading children´s books in French because I need to get better in French so I can speak when we release the album i France soon... But even the children´s books are a bit difficult so I will take a course too, hopefully that will help :o)

Have a lovely day
Hug from Helena!

Helena Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)

Our French record company Martingale will start by releasing "Papillon" as the first promo-single in France along with video. Great!

Meanwhile, the Blomgren brothers are going to release their own songs in myspace.

Per Blomgren was born in October 2nd 1979 in Malmö. Now he lives in Tirup (Malmö). He is the drummer of Sandy Mouche and had worked in other groups (The Radio Dept., ewing.1, ... ).
He has a small Swedish solo project called Perspop (a serious project?): and HE sings! You can listen to his three Swedish songs in http://www.myspace.com/perspop : Tid, Egoist and Gula hus

Ola Blomgren lives in Malmö, where he was born the 21st of April 1975. He is a good guitarist. He has a small English solo project. You can listen to 2 songs in his myspace: Dancehall of Suburbia and Great Black River. And YES! He can sing! And very well! http://www.myspace.com/andtheblacksparrow

Spiderweb suit,
soundtrack in
New York Waiting

“The Sandy Mouche song "Spiderweb Suit" is featured in the film "New York Waiting" by Joachim Hedén. The film had its world premier and competed at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. The festival ran from april 27 to may 7.” The opening night for cinemas in Sweden is august 25th. There are some plans for a Spiderweb video but nothing is decided yet.”

We can read a review from the film by Mark Deming, in All Movie Guide (United States):
Two people trying to sort out their love lives begin killing time together in this romantic drama. Sidney (Chris Stewart) hasn't been able to pull himself together since his girlfriend Coreen (Katrina Nelson) gave him his walking papers, and he's decided to make a last grand romantic gesture to lure her back. Sidney sends Coreen an airline ticket to New York City and asks her to meet him at the observation deck of the Empire State Building at a specific day and time. Sidney arrives in New York a few days early, and spends his time sightseeing to keep himself occupied. While dining at a coffee shop, Sidney meets Amy (Annie Woods), who like Sidney is having romantic problems. Amy has walked out on her uncaring boyfriend Michael (Don Wildman) and has chosen to go back to her hometown of San Francisco. Sidney and Amy discover they have more than a little in common, and since they have two days with little to do, they begin exploring the city together, and as they grow closer, both begin to wonder if a change of plans might be in order. New York Waiting received its world premier at the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival.
  • Director: Joachim Heden
  • Cast: Chris Stewart, Annie Woods, Katrina Nelson, Don Wildman

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