8 Aug 2006

Helena Josefsson in Wikipedia

LJdM News: Ilya Volkov, a Russian fan, has written today the first article about Helena Josefsson in wikipedia

Helena in Wikipedia

Helena Josefsson is a Swedish singer, composer and lyrics writer, and the lead singer in the band, Sandy Mouche. She was born and resides in Lund, a city in Skåne in southern Sweden.

In 2003 she took part in recording Per Gessle's solo album 'Mazarin' as a backup singer. She also participated in Mazarin Sommarturne 2003 with Per Gessle and the band. A year later in 2004, Helena was invited to record Gyllene Tider's anniversary album 'Finn 5 Fel!'. She also participated in Gessle's 2006 solo album, Son of a Plumber, providing backup vocals and occasional leads.

  • Sandy Mouche (spring 2003) - ep
  • White Lucky Dragon (September 2004) - just in Sweden and Japan
  • ...and poems for the unborn (January 2006) - so far in Sweden only



  • Cherry pie (dir. Johan Tholsson)
  • C'est pas juste (dir. Per and Ola Blomgren)
  • Papillon (dir. Jeffry Rich)

Ilya Volkov -(a.k.a. Kreecher)- Roxette House

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