11 Jul 2007

HJ's spreading summer light (IV): Helena's Official Forum

Nicole's forum will be Helena Josefsson's Official forum.

Congratulations to all we: Nicole, Heike and Nightpearl (Germany), Arlanda (Switzerland), Iza (Poland), Emma (Sweden), Louise (Wales), Sleepyhead and me (Spain), Ricardo (Venezuela), Sarah (Netherlands), ... This is an international forum, isn't it?

Hi to all users!
We are in contact with lovely Helena and are proud to tell you, that we will be THE OFFICIAL HELENA JOSEFSSON FORUM very soon. Helena told us to put a permanent link to our forum on her official website soon. Because of these great news, we want to change our style a bit to look similar to Helena´s official website in the near future. Hopefully it works! So, please don´t be irritated, if this forum doesn´t look like you know it now. I will fool around a bit to find the most perfect style for it. It could change its style every minute when I´m trying out different styles. Don´t worry, it´s nothing wrong then. Laughing I hope you like these news!

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