24 Jul 2007

EHM Turné 10 - Visby

24 July Visby Östergravar

Comments by fans:
Sweden is a country that has a huge attraction for me… Since I was a kid I've grown up looking pictures of this country and loving its scenery, its beautiful cities… All this love for Sweden has a reason in Per Gessle, my favourite artist who is Swedish. First time I listened him I was just 9 years old and since that day I wanted to know more and more of the country of my idol. The truth is I don't know why it has taken me this long time to go to this great country… each holyday I wanted to go there but never had the chance I guess. This year is completely different; finally I'll go to Sweden next 4th of August until 10th of August visiting few cities. Once again the principal reason that pushes me to go is Mr.Gessle as he's touring Sweden and I couldn't lose this opportunity of seeing my favourite artist in one of my favourite countries… A dream comes true. Now I'm trying to learn Swedish by myself (quite difficult I must say!!) and I'm so excited about the journey. Can't wait to see Per Gessle on stage and to enjoy the travel, the country, the people, food… everything!! Yes… I'm happy…

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