28 Oct 2006

Helena's first single (I): By your side

Helena Josefsson has released today her first solo single, with two tracks: 1. By your side; 2. The moon is a grain of sand.

By your side is a sad song. A girl is remembering with anger the end of an impossible long relationship.

She needed him more than he would know but it was not enough: there was no room for her kind of spirit in his home, although she spent years with the agony, trying to fit in. The hero lover became a marble statue and she feels he got what he needed and she didn't get anything: no real hug, no faintest sign of that she counted, no trust ... That's the reason why her sorrow has become anger. He is to blame because she loved him and could still be by his side. But now it's her turn to say that he can't come through or neglect her again. It's her turn to shut him out with this song.

Adela Toplean, from Sweden, reviewed it in her A_T_ blog.
Helena Josefsson is not coming from this world. She's completely otherworldly. She's mastering the imaginary and the real worlds with a very ferm hand. Her sounds are anything but usual, but the musical message has an indestructible coherence. A trained talent, yet amazingly fresh. She's not a "heard before"-kind of girl. I tend to believe that she puts it differently not only for our ears, but also for herself. Her music is definite and urgent. Once you hear it, you can't step back. No use of comparing it with Bjork. No use of looking for an analogy between her and the endless lists of grounded singers you see and hear all over our poor earth. You will come upon no similarity. I suddenly found her so good, I grew afraid...

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By your side (lyrics) said...

I needed you more than you would know
but there was no room for my kind of spirit in your home
I spent years with the agony, trying to fit in
You got what you needed I didn´t get anything

If you could just hug me
If you could just show me that I count
If you could just trust me
Then I would still be by your side

I put the sorrow aside
It doesn´t own me, it lies there staring with its eye
And the anger it feeds, pointed at you
It´s my turn to say: -No you can´t come through

Marble statue
I can see you, my hero lost in time
I worship you, peacefully
You´re no longer neglecting me

If you could just...
Now it´s my turn to shut you out
Now it´s time to shut you out
Now it´s my turn to shut you out