14 Feb 2006

Bad hair days for P, C & C (IV): SOAP demos and satanic messages

Per Gessle releases today two demos made for Roxette in January 2002 but that finally ended in Son of a Plumber's album: "I like it like that" and "Something in the system". Enjoy!

Junk Musik, Christoffer Lundquist and friends company, will be one year old in some weeks. Jens Jansson found some interesting satanic messages in old songs. Read it and laugh.

St Valentine’s day, Feb 14 – 2006: Friends… let’s celebrate this wonderful and important day with some new jolly music! The only two existing Son of a Plumber-demos are at your service!!

I started working on “I like it like that” with some, quite annoying, drum-loop in mind. It all put me in a somewhat bad mood. Drum-grooves usually do! However I really adored the song and did an acoustic version the very same day at the Tits&Ass studio. Here it is! I think I’ve changed the lyrics a bit along the way.

“Something in the system” was a slight mistake so I didn’t want to use it at all. I never really liked it, dunno why. But when the medley-idea came up (I guess it was Clarence’ brilliant brain at work!!) I thought it would fit quite well. Shorter, more in-your-face, like a nice little bridge between “Double-headed Elvis” and “Speed boat to Cuba”. This is how it sounded when it was born.

So how come these are the only two existing Son of a Plumber-demos? Well, neither one of them were intended for the project! Both of them were recorded in January 2002 and at the time, of course, the S.O.A.P.-beast wasn’t even invented! So these tunes were written for the Roxette compilations, Ballad Hits & Pop Hits. In the same four-week period I did demos for “A thing about you” and “Breathe” as well. There you go!
Per Gessle

In a couple of weeks, Junk turns 1 year. During this year, we have recieved a lot of demos. Kind people have sent us their work. We have, however, not answered any of these people. We feel rather bad about that.

The reason is – of course – that we haven’t really had time to sit down (all of us) and listen properly. You just have to blink and half the staff is in Berlin, burning furniture and doing crazy rave stuff with Florian Horwath. Blink again, and the rest of the staff is on tv with Per Gessle. Blink again and someone is making a kraut ballet. Blink again and a year has gone by.

If you are one of those kind people who sent us your music, read this: We are going to listen now. It will not take another year before you hear from us (now, that is what I call comforting…)
Thanks & cheers from Junk staff.

This link , is so funny ... Jeff Milner did it. Years ago someone told him that if you played Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven song backwards that you could make out "satanic messages". Some examples:

John Lennon - Imagine
Forward: Imagine all the people
Reverse play: The people war beside me

Eagles - Hotel California
Forward: In the middle of the night, just to hear them say
Reverse play: Satan he hears this. He had me believe.

Jens Jansson (Junk Musik)
Jens Jansson - Junk Musik

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