2 Jun 2004

Helena Josefsson, backing singer at Tambourine Studios and Gula Studion (X): Stockfinster - Red wood

Stockfinster - Red wood (2004)

stockfinster is from Malmö, Sweden and consists mainly of Sebastian Borg (a.k.a. Batti) who writes, plays, arranges and mixes everything and sometimes with a little help from his musical friends. stockfinster was a year ago a real band, with Kerim Arhan (vocals), Jonas Hult (bass), Jens Jungmark (guitar) and Ola Strandh (drummer), but they decided to disolve the project and Sebastian used the name for his bizarre own compositions. Batti himself is a sound-engineer/producer and co-owner of the recording studio Gula Studion in Malmö. Batti is a good friend of the Swedish band the Mopeds and Helena Josefsson, singer in Sandy Mouche.
2005 Sebastian Borg ("Batti") - stockfinster

Red wood, his first work, has been uploaded today in Bandcamp.com and can be download for free. There are no plans to release officially the album as a real CD and stockfinster has signed no record-label contract. The album includes six songs recorded during the last year.

ergo 05:48

last laugh 05:08

dismantled 04:34

ponder 02:51

push push 04:02

last report 08:47

This is what Sebastian Borg himself tells about these songs:
"01. 'Ergo' is one of the few tracks that were completely written in ProTools. The bulk of the track was done in one sitting, which is why the track was called ”A Day’s Work” for a long time. Jonas Hult plays the bass. Soundwise, I guess I tried to do something like Air. I can’t play the acoustic guitar part in the outro anymore. I don’t remember the tuning.

02. 'Last laugh' has a kinship with other track, ”Last Report”. I came up with the idea while working on ”Last Report” and it features a lot of the same sounds. The laughter is my sister-in-law’s son, two years old, or something, at the time. He’s seven now…

03. In 'Dismantled', I wrote the piano part myself, which is hard to believe, considering what a lousy keyboard player I am. On the actual track, Markus Slivka plays the piano and he came up with the variations at the end. I was influenced by the track ”Unspoken” by Four Tet when I programmed the rythm track. I scoured my Reason library for strange sounds and then randomly programmed patterns to create what became the percussion track. The idea to use the poem ”Stop All the Clocks” by W.H. Auden as featured in the film ”Four Weddings and a Funeral” had been in my head for a long time. I am really happy it happened to be featured on this particular track. I had to play the slide guitar using a battery, because I could not find my slide. Helena Josefsson put down some lovely vocals.

04. In 'Ponder', the piano theme is nicked from the film ”Angel Heart”. This track was featured in the film ”Last Day”, which I wrote the music for. I had to come up with another piano part for the film, though.

05. 'Push push' was created while trying out some of the samples and loops from a magazine called Studio. Almost everything on this track is more or less distorted.

06. 'Last Report' contains a lot of sounds from another stockfinster song, ”Last Laugh”, but this is actually the original. I had such a hard time mixing the track I eventually left it to Ola Strandh (my mastering guy). I was giving him such a hard time, I doubt he will ever mix another track for me."

Helena Josefsson's voice features in "Dismantled". A new collaboration of the singer in a bizarre style. However, it sounds really well.

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