24 Mar 2004

P, C & C back in the AGM office (VIII): GT25 and Metro Jets are out

According to TDR, Gyllene Tider is celebrating the release of “GT25 - Samtliga Hits” album today. The big news is that they are actually celebrating the release of two albums: June 2 they will release their brand new album with brand new songs, titled “Finn fem fel” (“Find Five Errors”). The new album is being recorded in Christoffer Lundquist’s studio in Vollsjö, Skåne, the same studio that baked “Mazarin”.

The first single out of "Finn fem fel" is “Sitter på en sten vid en sjö i en skog” (“Sitting on a Rock by a Lake in a Forest”). Anders Herrlin - bass guitar, says that the album “sounds like how we wanted to sound in 1980…” and "most of the songs were recorded in less than half an hour. We also decided that no other instruments were to be used than our own. The synthesizer sounds are actually all made by the Farfisa, for instance.

Micke “Syd Andersson” - drummer thinks that the 25th Anniversary "is so big that we cannot comprehend what’s going on. We are truly overwhelmed. Weird that we even had a career looking like that!

Meanwhile, Magnus Borjeson and David Birde (= Metro Jets) have released their first single in Sweden on Aprin 2: THE MORNING SHOW. It was also recorded at AGM studio and produced by Christoffer Lundquist.

According to Indie Spin Zone:
"This single by the Metro Jets is the perfect pop fix for those of you who are waiting patiently for the new Beagle album. Magnus Borjeson from Beagle and David Birde from Brainpool bring you this slice of power pop perfection which is actually the theme song for Sweden's new hit TV sitcom "The Morning Show". This song has the biggest 70's AOR rock hook we've heard in years! The B-Side "The Midas Touch" is also brilliant."


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