26 Feb 2004

P, C & C back in the AGM office (VII): old GT, new Metro Jets

According to TDR, Gyllene Tider is beginning the celebration of their 25th anniversary by re-releasing their first three LPs – “Gyllene Tider,” “Moderna Tider” and “Puls” – with re-mastered tracks. At the same time, they’re releasing a new CD: “GT 25 - Samtliga Hits!” (“GT 25 - All the Hits!”) on March 24th.

But old hits are not enough for this band. While it hasn’t been officially announced, The Daily Roxette has reported previously that Per and others have talked about new material that they are recording, so the widespread expectation is that a new album/single/EP will be released later in the spring, just in time to help promote the tour. Gyllene Tider members are recording new songs in AGM studios with Christoffer Lundquist and Clarence Öfwerman. Helena Josefsson could take part in some songs as background singer.

The summer of 2004 will see Gyllene Tider tour the country of Sweden again, eight years later.

Meanwhile, a new band is born: Metro Jets. They are Magnus Börjeson (from Beagle and Favorita) and David Birde (from Brainpool) and are produced by Christoffer Lundquist. Read the story about this new band.

During the hardest rains that central Europe had seen for nearly a century, David Birde, the guitarist and songwriter of Brainpool, tried to get from Amsterdam to Prague. David had left Sweden a couple of weeks earlier, using his last savings to get away from the usual problems of a musician (lost love and, eh, strange band members). It didn´t work very well. Lost love tend to be haunting and these days even band members got cell phones. When the train finally arrived to Prague, almost 30 hours delayed due to the storm, David decided to get something to eat. He heard live music coming from a cellar and went over to take a look. This was the ”Maijtjenaliv”, a club that the medical students in Prague was running. David went inside and stayed the whole night. Somewhere between a strange and a stranger beer, he started talking to the bartender, who immediately responded ”From sweden? That´s funny, do you know the guy in the black shirt over there?” In the other corner, Magnus Borjeson, former lead singer of Beagle, was talking to a stunning looking German medical student. Magnus had left Sweden for the same self-obsessed reasons as David, after his band favorita turned out to be one of the world´s best hidden musical secrets. The coincidence was almost too good to be true. Two days after the night at Maijtjenaliv, David and Magnus had a plan. They wanted to live in a place where it never rained. They wanted to play, record and write music. (they also wanted to find love, but we´re asked to leave that out of this text). A couple of weeks later Magnus heard about two free apartments in Malmö and phoned David. they moved in next door and started writing music. They also found love (but we´re told to leave their wifes out of this text). And here´s the happy ending: Metro Jets are actually working on their first album. Metro jets want to send out a special thank you to Maijtjenaliv (cheers Josefa & Jamila!) for making this possible :)

Magnus Börjeson (Junk Musik) - David Birde (Junk Musik)
Magnus Börjeson - David Birde
Metro Jets

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