15 Oct 2003

Mazarinerna is the band (VIII): Mazarinerna Fan Website

This page tells about the band, called Mazarinerna. They are the people who participated in recording Per Gessle's Swedish solo album 'Mazarin' and also played live with him during the Sommar Mazarin Turné 2003 (SMT).

The Tour:
The very tour began in Sweden on Tuesday, 29 July 2003 in Per's native town Halmstad and ended in Eskilstuna on Sunday, 27 August. Later it was decided to continue the tour and the band travelled to Oslo (23 September, Rockefeller club) and Helsinki (25 September, Tavastia club). The show in Copenhagen was cancelled. More than 175,000 people attended 15 live concerts. They also released live DVD 'En Mazarin, Älskling?' ('A cupcake, dear?') with the record of live show in Göteburg on Wednesday, 6 August 2003.

Per Gessle: Per Gessle
Born: 12 January, 1959. Don't think I should explain you who is Per Gessle. He'd written all the lyrics and all the music for all of 14 tracks to his solo album 'Mazarin'. During the tour, he was on lead vocals and played harmonica, electric and acoustic guitars.

Jonas Isacsson: Jonas Isacsson
Born: 10 June, 1959. Electric guitar during the SMT. Has played electric guitar (almost all the lead parts and also backing and acoustic guitars) on all Roxette albums from the 'Pearls Of Passion' through to 'Room Service'. Featured in Roxette's MTV Unplugged appearance in 1993. It's him, who has written that guitar string in the very beginning of Roxette's song 'The look'. Released his solo album "Evergreen", which features only music, performed by Jonas on electric guitar.

Christoffer Lundquist: Christoffer Lundquist
Electric guitar, banjo and backing vocals. The album 'Mazarin' was recorded in his home studio in Skåne (South Sweden). Bass player in Brainpool (signed to Jimmy Fun) he plays with Roxette since 1999, including Room Service Tour 2001.

Jens Jansson: Jena Jansson
Drums. Plays in Brainpool. First I saw Jens on some TV-rip playing with Per & Co. when Gessle was performing "I wanna be your boyfriend" cover at BingoLotto in 2001. Also performs with Magnus Sveningsson (from The Cardigans) in a project, called Righteous Boy.

Anders Herrlin: Anders Herrlin
Born: 17 September, 1961. Bass and backing vocals during the SMT. School friend of Micke "Syd" Andersson and bass player of Gyllene Tider. Went on to become Roxette bass player and has toured constantly with them. Worked closely with his old "partying" friend Marie Fredriksson on her solo album 'Den Standiga Resan'. Featured in Roxette MTV Unplugged apeparance in 1993. Programming genius.

Helena Josefsson: Helena Josefsson
Born: 23 March, 1978 in Kalmar. Her full name is Helena Marianne Josefsson. Backing vocals - and after hearing her singing live I should say it was damn brilliant! Amazing voice! She also played tambourine and harmonica. While watching the mentioned live DVD's documentaries, one can note, that Helena is left-handed. Helena also plays keyboards and sings in Sandy Mouche, which is produced by Christoffer Lundquist. It was him who's heard Helena's demos and suggested her singing with Per on his "Mazarin" album.

Clarence Öfwerman: Clarence Öfwerman
Born: 22 November, 1957. Keyboards and backing vocals during SMT. First produced Roxette's album 'Pearls Of Passion' and has been involved in every Roxette ablum since as producer and keyboards player. Featured in Roxette's MTV Unplugged performance in 1993. Responsible for most of Roxette's string arrangements. Plays in group Passagerarna who released a Gessle-Öfwerman song 'Never say goodbye'. Co-produced Roxette's 'Have A Nice Day' album.

Marie Fredriksson: Marie Fredriksson
Born: 30 May, 1958. May be I shouldn't have written her name in here, but as she participated in recording 'På promenad genom stan' single, which was also included on 'Mazarin' album, she does have the right to be a part of this fantastic band! Though it's a pity she hasn't joined other musicians from the band on the stage, but Marie was like a VIP guest to view the premiere concert in Halmstad. Let's hope to see her in some live show on GT's upcoming tour 2004! :-)

Ilya Volkov
-(a.k.a. Kreecher)-
Roxette House

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Sorry, the link seems to have been deleted. It was the first website that spoke seriously about Per Gessle's new solo project as a band. Thank you, Ilya.