13 Jul 2003

Sandy Mouche EP (V): Mother - Notes & Bills

2003.04 Sandy Mouche EP

Notes & bills was born after a drive when I heard a r'n'b tune on the radio. Martinique wrote the cosy bridge. It is often like that, I know I want to sing and record but there is a big gloomy pile of everyday musts and useless words between me and the future dream. I just want to ignore the pile but it's hard. This song helps me sink into the dark red velvet sofa which is the gravelled road to the Sandy Mouche village.

Martinique made the chorus of
Mother and I made the verse. My mother, Margareta, has always supported me with a firm hand. She never overprotected me, she always trusted me. And if I did wrong, she just showed me how to make it right again! I love her and I am happy that she knows how to accept it.

Helena and her mom Margareta (January 2006) by sandymouche.com

Mother- do you know what you´ve done?
You´ve given life to me as a gift without expectations.
And Mother- when I see your ruffled hair,
I know you dare to let me take a real life education.

C´est la seule façon de me voir, maman.
Ceci c´est la seule façon de m´entendre.
Je te remercie pour m´aimer, tu es
la personne que je vais jamais oublier.

Mother- U believed in me always
and in your face you radiate the strain of a Godess
And Mother- I know the price you paid.
Don´t be afraid the love you sent into the universe
returns to you multiplied
a thousand and a thousand times!
Helena Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)

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