1 Jul 2003

Sandy Mouche EP (IV): Cherry Pie - C'est pas juste

It´s time to sleep again.
My life is drifting by.
I sleep as much as I can.
I dream I am the moon,
the ancient light in your room.
I know u best of all.

Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me just one time
before I wake up place your lips on mine.
I love u cherrypie, c'mon now chéri cherrypie.

I sleep, I dream I am a plectrum in the pocket
of your brown bootcut manchester jeans.
U hold me everyday:
I sing the songs u play.
Hey your fingers tickle me.

Cherry Pie, the second song of the EP and the first song written by Helena Josefsson for Sandy Mouche's project, was recorded in Per Blomgren´s bedroom. We felt it was hard to beat the feeling that we had achieved there.

According to Helena: "I'd do anything to travel into the past. Just to visit one day of every year of Martinique's life since he was born! Unfortunately, I do not know how to. But if I was the moon, I could have touched his face with my light through all times, and I would see him as a child- he must have been a wonderful one!"

C'est pas juste is the third song of the EP. According to Martinique: "It is one of the early sandy songs. It makes me dance every time".

Sandy Mouche
"Sandy" - Sandy Mouche

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