20 Dec 2000

Helena Josefsson is a bandstarter too (XIV): The Good Mornings' album

According to Sven Eriksen, from the Tarkus Magazine, Helena Josefsson has been working this year in a new project of the composer from Malmö Dan Bornemark (photo). The band, THE GOOD MORNINGS, includes Helena Josefsson (lead vocals), Dan Bornemark (keyboards, vocals, music), Jens Ståhlstierna (guitar, backing vocals) and Paul Hoffax (guitar), amongst others.

Finally, they have released their first album also called The Good Mornings with more than an hour of good music, influenced by Gentle Giant, Beatles, Massive Attack, Suzanne Vega, Kevin Gilbert or Björk. Eriksen thinks their style moves between kunstpop, røtter & symforock, jazz and ambient. Their better songs would be When She Gets Away, Frozen Wings, I Am The Devil, Email Princess and Let Truth Reveal The Beast.

You can listen to some mp3 snippets here: Hippie Parade and Seven Seas

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Fan of Dan said...

http://www.helenajosefsson.com/guestbook/, Helena says: "Never Never skrev jag redan år 2000 tror jag det var men jag kände att den hade något speciellt när Dynamo skulle spelas in så vi gjorde en ny inspelning av den.
Vi har ju fadeat bort det ösiga slutet, men det var kanske synd egentligen, det är härligt med sånt som aldrig tar slut." (March, 2009)

"Never never", one of the first singles of the album Dynamo, was written by Helena and Dan Bornemark in 2000 as they played together in "The Good Mornings"