31 Aug 1999

Helena Josefsson is a bandstarter too (IX): ewing.1 summer gigs

According to its web, ewing.1 , the band has had some gigs this summer. Two of them have been in Lund (July) and Malmö (August).

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* Mejeriet, Lund - 1999 - 07 - 08

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* Malmöfestivalen, Malmö, 1999 - 08 - 15

Some members of the band speak about ewing.1.

Magnus Tingsek (vocals) says: “What I like about ewing.1? Everything, I suppose. The energy, everybodys joy of playing, the 100% struggeling towards our goals. And of course the music. My favourite song is Stuck”.

Mattias Jepsson (electric guitar) agrees: Stuck is my all time favorite song. ewing.1 for me is everything. I love the way everyone express their feelings vocaly and musically.

Marten Dahl (bass) favourite song is The Spring: “I think it's got everything. I like the artistic freedom i'm being given and that everybody is participating with the arrangements of a new song. And I'm also very pleased with me, Helena Josefsson and Magnus. When it comes to arranging harmony vocals. That always brings me in a good mood.

Johan Svensson (drums) jokes: “What I like about ewing.1 is that we all have similar goals in life. We're all determined to reach stardom, glamour, riches that we could live from for the rest of our lives, and a cloud right next to God's when we die... and the songs... yeah, I like the songs too... and our beautiful friendship!

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