3 Jan 1997

Helena Josefsson is a bandstarter too (I): Jive with Clive

On 1st December 1996 people from Lund, Sweden, could listen in Radio P3 a new indie band from the city.

Jive with Clive are
  • Helena Josefsson - singer
  • Johan Duncanson - guitar
  • Fredrick Whitling - lead-guitar and keyboards
  • Olof Martinsson - bass
  • Per Blomgren - drums
The members have been working together since they were at seventh grade at School. Firstly, in 1995, Johan Duncanson and his friend Elin Almered began the forgotten project The Radio Dept. Last year, Johan talked to other partners to form a band. They needed a female voice and this time Helena joined instead of Elin as singer.

They have some gigs with this name, Jive with Clive. You could have listened to their most famous song at Sveriges Radio P3 Pop: The poster (in their list on 23rd September 1996) and Take a dive (on 28th October 1996).

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The most important performance of Jive with Clive was on 31st October 1996, in Mejeriet, Lund. The Scandinavian Indie Digest reported it last November:

Jive with Clive was recorded at Mejeriet in Lund the last Thursday of October. Elin Olson (Elin_Olson@skola.agora.se) was there and has not much to say more than: Don't miss Radio P3 Live on 1st December 1996 (the Mejeriet show was recorded and it would be in the radio). Erik Soderstrom (chief@lysator.liu.se) was also there and says that Jive with Clive were great but they should rename their band. Erik can't compare them to any other bands, but he is sure they're not alone in this genre ("I guess it's some sort of pop)". According to Erik, Jive with Clive have a fantastic female singer and the average age in the band is 18. They have appeared on Musikjournalen Pop twice.
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Jive with Clive also played at Klubb Indigo, the Friday club in Blekingska Nationen (Province of Blekinge student community in Lund). The performance was on 8th November. Now they are working in more stuff for future gigs.

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