15 Apr 2009

Martinique Tour rehearsals (XI): production (II) with audience

Pew, ok so we got some time off here at Söder on Café South of Folkungagatan and they are actually playing “The Best” from the movie Karate Kid in the background which gives me hope for the future. Two days of production rehearsals have gone by and I must say it took a lot of our energy.
Yesterday the band played their set once and then at 17.45 after my performance they played it again. I played mine once only. And it felt great, even though the audience wasn´t the easiest to flirt with.
There were friends of the band and label people so the applauses were a little golfish but became stronger as my set progressed. It was nervous of course because for the first time I got to sing my songs to someone and I focused all my energy at a table were some young guys and girls were sitting and looking and listening to me.

My set took 18 minutes so maybe there will be an extra song as we go but I really don´t know because I thought I would try and talk some more to you guys between some songs (yesterday I didn´t speak at all). Or maybe I´ll just shut up and play.

All in all i´m very happy with yesterdays event and i´m really looking forward to perform for you guys, for me that´s the real deal =)

Danyal took some pictures and I will of course show them to you my dear readers. (It´s nothing compared to the moving version of me..so please, do still come and see a show).

Tomorrow the plane leaves for Helsinki. (Can´t wait to compete in a local sauna contest).

Comments by fans:
Thanks for the fotos! You will make it, don’t be nervous. You sound great. I was suspicious at first when I heard you’re the supporting act, I admit that, but now that I heard you I am really really surprised!! Your music is fantastic, you are fantastic and so are we fans. Keep going!

Wow you look great on stage, first stop now for me is Poland, I couldn’t wait for Zurich so Poland will see me first! Look out for the UK flag – that will be me! Have a safe trip, all of you guys over to Helsinki!

Woooowwww, I’m totally…. how to say that…. wow… no words any more..)) You look indeed very…… SEXY!!! *sorry, no offence* %))))))))))))))) I’m coming to Hamburg & Cologne, would love to…. well… just a wish – “Spiderweb suit” or “Waterlilly love” may be an exception? Thank you for your blog. It’s a great inspiration before the tour!! I’m indeed looking forward to watch YOUR performance live as well, moreover Helena will assist you..))))

Ilya Volkov
-(a.k.a. Kreecher)-
Roxette House

It’r great that Helena might join you on stage. I’d love to hear you performing together. Very flattering dress! Helena looks gorgeous.

Good luck tomorrow, Martin and Helena. Enjoy it!

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Well done, Mr. J. It is not the size ...