25 Apr 2009

Martinique European Tour - Concert Nr.6: Hamburg

25.4 - Hamburg, Grunspan

Hamburg, the town for perfectionists?

We were picked up from the airport by a new german minibus. Very clean.

Everything in this town seemes so clean and perfect and the people are smiling and the street musicians are wearing suits. So we got out from the hotel which is cleeean here in Hamburg and were greeted by a lady: a Lambourghini Murciélago Roadster, not every day you get to see such a fine lady. Then we went on a 2h boat trip in the kanals and saw all the gigantic villas next to the water.
This day a marathon was held in the city. Look at all these indetical perfect water cups.
Grunspan. A little place with a rock vibe. Two levels for the audience that were really packed together which gave the whole concert a nice heat and presence.
My performance went well and i´m starting to try new melodies in the singing on couple of songs. The crowd pomised me that they would have a great night when I shouted -Have a great night, promise me that!!! – Yeahh!!! And as i´ve heard from the band afterwards it was a great night indeed for them. It´s nice to be in Germany.

The perfect backstage for us since there was a little green spot outside on the back of the venue where we got nice grilled food and Mr X could sleep well out in the fresh air, nice.

We managed to squeeze in a work out today to get the pulse up a bit and it felt good. Köln tomorrow, have to sleep sleep.
Martinique Josefsson (Sandy Mouche)

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